I am using this picture again because when I view my blog on my iPad the green bean picture is the front page. I needed a new picture. The green beans were yummy, but that doesn’t mean it makes a good front page picture. Know what I mean? My girl took this picture in her photography class last year. I just love it.

Window blinds, curtains or what have you. Do you open them during the day? I do. I have to have them open. If I don’t open them, I feel like I am living in a cave. I need to see the outside. I just think it is funny because I am the only on my street that opens the blinds. Stop looking in other people’s windows, you are saying. I don’t look. I just notice. Regardless, during the day you can’t see in. Nighttime is a different story, and I try to remember to close the blinds before it gets dark enough to see inside my house.

I kept a promise and am so relieved. I promised Freckle Face that I would take him to the pool one last time before the end of summer. Then the end of summer creeped up on me. I thought the pool was closed, but today on the way home from the library I noticed it was open. I took him to the pool. It was nice. It isn’t so hot today, and I could sit by the side of the pool, work on my tan, and read a book. I hopped in the water for a bit, and the water was refreshing. It was a twofer. I kept my promise and enjoyed myself.

Game of Thrones. I think I may give up on this book. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. There are a lot of characters in this book. I am just not sure that I care about any of them. It is a boy book. I think my oldest would like it. I don’t know. I feel like the author enjoys listening to himself talk. I bought the dumb thing so I have until infinity and beyond to finish it.

I took two of my kids shopping today. I told my oldest that I wasn’t picking anything up for him anymore, so if he wants new T-shirts he is going to have to step away from the computer and come with me. He did. He picked out a couple of graphic tees in the first 5 minutes we were in the store and spent the rest of the time surfing the net. Kohls has wi-fi. Smart. Think of all those husbands that can now entertain themselves while their wives shop.

I could make a post about our second week of school, but it would be boring. It was not as exciting as the first week. In fact, we ran into a bit of trouble. Oh, it ended fine, but I am not sure that I want to write about it. Freckle Face is really enjoying the animal study that I am putting together. Oh! Wait! We did start our stock market game. We are all playing. We each received $100,000 to invest how we want. I explained how the stock market works, how to read the information, and how to use the website. Away we went. Freckle Face made $800 in the first day. I told him not to get used to that. But geez. I came in 2nd for the day making $90. Not even close. We are playing the game until Christmas. The winner will receive $50 (I wanted $100, but the husband is a cheapskate) in cold, hard cash.

Hope you are enjoying the end of summer. I am not looking forward to football season, but I am looking forward to soup, jeans, and pumpkins.