Oh my gosh! Year 10. That is insane. There are a couple of breaks in those years, but still. Does this make me one of those veteran homeschoolers you hear so much about? I will graduate one this year. Then I think I can call myself a veteran.

The first week. Where to start? It was a very good week all things considered. I had it planned. The kids stuck to the plan. Let me tell you right now. It makes a difference. Yes, it is painful. Yes, it is terrible, but it makes such a difference!

Where we started…

Freckle Face

Freckle Face is working through Saxon 7/6. I gave him the first test in the book. He did fine, but I noticed that it wouldn’t hurt him to have a little review. We started at Lesson 11 and are going to go from there. He doesn’t seem to mind. He is working on filling the animal jar with his 90% or better assignments. He wants that ice cream. The easier the better.

He started working through Rod and Staff 6. That hasn’t been any trouble either. He had to write a story about a problem.

He says, “Mom, I don’t want to write about my surgery anymore!”

I said, “Of course, you don’t. Write about the Palmetto bug I sucked up in the vacuum cleaner the other day.”

“OH YEAH! I will call it the Cockroach of DOOM!”

“Sounds good to me.”

He is also working through Writing With Ease 4. Technically, I suppose this makes him a little behind in writing. Whatever. I don’t care. My plan is to catch up this year. I am not that worried about it. We started the Sequential Spelling. I was instructed that this is WAY better than Rod and Staff Spelling. So noted, son. So noted.

We read about early Egyptians and the Fertile Crescent and he started working on his Zoology notebook. You see, he is going to be a Zoologist when he grows up. We are going to learn as much as we can about the animal kingdom this year. This will include trips to the zoo and other various forms of wildlife watching (or so I hope). Plus, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Science in 6th grade doesn’t matter.

We started working on his Latina Christiana again. Oh my! Even though we were weak in this last year, he remembers a lot! I am so impressed. He is excited to do it again.

And piano!

He asked me to teach him piano again! This is my happiest moment of the week. He ASKED me to start teaching him piano again. Glorious!

My Girl

She is finishing up what she has left of the Saxon Algebra 2 book. I have to tell you that she is surprising me. She is doing awesome considering that we haven’t done math in two months, and she is starting in the middle of the book. Lesson seventy-something to be exact. She understands it. And the best part is that somehow in the boredom and mind- numbing ipod viewing of the summer, she learned how to add vectors. We battled last year about it. We had tears. It was terrible. This year, she opened the book and added vectors. So. Weird. But wonderful!!

She is continuing with Henle Latin. We are reviewing some of the stuff she did last year. She hates Latin. She reminds me of this of daily. Somehow we managed to laugh through our Latin lessons. She still tried to avoid it at all costs, but we laughed when we did it. Peace.

I have created a study with Proverbs for the time being for her English/ Bible class. She is currently comparing Proverbs with Aesop, and she will be writing her own fable from one of Solomon’s Proverbs. I thought this would be a nice entry into the school year. Remember The Illiad is coming. I thought about skipping The Illiad altogether, but someone (ahem, Melanie) reminded me that it is a very important something-or-other in Western culture, and it is important that she reads it. Whatever. We will read it, but we don’t have to LIKE it.

She is reading The History of the Ancient World and Spielvogel’s Western Civiliazation for history this year. I had her write some heavy paragraphs from her reading. Apparently, cunieform had a heart, and at some point in time it stopped beating. That was hysterical. I do not have it in me to make her fix it.

She is working through the Apologia Chemistry textbook this year. I am not sure if I should tell you how much I do not like this text. So, I am using it as a spine, and I am adding a bunch of stuff and switching a bunch of stuff around. This makes too much work for me, but I like Chemistry and think she will like it too if presented properly. She is sciency, but she doesn’t know it yet. This week was learining how to convert units which she felt severely insulted her intelligence. Thanks, Saxon!

The Oldest

This is where it gets tricky. If I was a much cooler mom, I would graduate him already and call it a day. But since I am NOT cool, he has to work on some things for me. We had a little discussion and decided that it would be best that he takes as many CLEP tests as possible this year. He is working on passing the College Algebra one first. He took a practice test and passed it, but I want to make sure he is absolutely ready before I drop the 80 bucks. After he passes this test, he will go to Western Civ 1.

He is also working through the rest of the Saxon Advanced Math textbook. Again, I am surprised how much he remembers. He was severely incensed today that he has been using subsitution and elimnation when all this time he could have been using Cramer’s Law. No, I don’t know what Cramer’s Law is, but I heard about it for a good 30 minutes. Sorry, kid. Just do your math.

He is working on translating the Gospel of Mark from the Latin Vulgate into English. Good stuff there. No, I can’t do that either.

He is reading Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Oh, he just informed me that he finished it. Shoot. Now I have to come up with an essay. I will take any ideas you may have. Thanks.

We are not doing Science or History right now. That will come with the CLEP tests.

No, wait. I lied. He is working on a research paper. He wants to write about how hysteria encouraged the Salem witch trials. I am not sure how this will evolve, but we will work on it. I would like him to add a modern example. We will see how this goes. MLA format is always fun. Right?

All in all, it was a very good week. We laughed together. I made them sing Christmas carols around the piano. We ate chocolate. I think it was very good to get back to our school work and have some kind of routine. This is the last year with all of us together. Bittersweet. That is what it is. Bittersweet.