So we have already discussed that I am a bit testy lately. My son got a heavy dose of it in the car today. He needed to deposit his summer paycheck and I was heading that direction anyway. He decided to ride along.

That was his first mistake.

He wants to buy a computer. I want to get him one for graduation. We are at an impasse. He wants what he wants. Now. I started in on him about the cost of college. What was he doing to save? What was he doing to research scholarships? Does he have a plan? What is the deal? What does he mean he doesn’t know? Has he not listened to me the past two years? What has he been doing?

Freckle Face sat in the back seat oddly silent. That should have been my first clue.

My oldest’s eyes were becoming more narrow. My second clue.

I see those eyes! Ok! I get it. You are hearing blah, blah, blah.

We stopped at my destination. I was busy working. I said to him. You know, son, I have shown you all those books in the library. I have given you places to start. There is a book in the library full of scholarships for military dependents i.e. you.

Then it comes out.

Uh, mom. You didn’t use that right.

Didn’t use what right?

You needed to use e.g.
I.e. indicates that I would be the only dependent that the book works for. You need to e.g meaning for example. You know, for example you are a military dependent.




Now I am laughing. I deserved that.

Just so you know, I googled it. It seems that he is right. Blasted!