My neighbor is having a baby next week. I wanted to get her a gift. It is her third baby, and I always thought diapers are a good present for third babies. But giving diapers is so boring! You can put them in a cute gift bag, but it is still boring. I decided that I would try my hand at a diaper cake. That would be a fun way to make diapers a little more exciting. So when Deb over at Not Inadequate (link at the bottom.) forced me to participate in a Pinterest challenge, I knew exactly what I was going to make.

I found a diaper cake tutorial on Pinterest and went to work. (If you are looking how to make a diaper cake, her website tutorial is hands-down better than mine)

First of all, I had a budget, and diapers are not cheap. I needed to decide which diapers to use. I settled on Target brand diapers.

I also needed rubberbands, baby powder, a cheapy baby bottle, decorations, and a topper. I went for a cute little baby toy for my baby top. The ugly green thing there is my “cake plate”. The tutorial suggested using a 12″ round disposable cake tray. Since I was trying to stay in budget, I thought to myself, “Oh, I have cardboard lying around. I can cut a 12″ circle and cover it with something.” I should have bought the disposable cake plate. What a nightmare it was covering that stupid piece of cardboard. Fortunately, it goes on the bottom and no one sees it anyway.

Unbeknownst to me, Target diapers have a cute polka-dot pattern on them. Thank goodness she is having a boy. I can totally work with the blue polka-dots. I just needed to figure out how to roll the diapers. On the tutorial it just says to roll them. How to roll them? Do I need to open them and roll them? Or do I just roll them flat? Do I roll them top to bottom or bottom to top? Oh, the mystery. Here I show them rolled both ways. The one on the left is after I opened the diaper up and rolled it. The rolled diaper on the right hasn’t been opened, and I rolled it top down. I thought that opening the diaper could damage the integrity of the diaper, and I did want the diaper to be used. Every. Single. Diaper had to have a rubber band wrapped around it to hold the diaper tight.

Here I forgot to take a picture of me trying to get the diapers to stand around the baby powder bottle. If you click on the tutorial link, you can see hers. It is not as easy as it looks. It isn’t hard, but there is a bit of a trick to getting the third row of diapers on the bottom tier to stand up. In fact, I couldn’t wrap a rubber band around all of them. I didn’t have a big enough rubber band. But I wrapped as many as I could together, and it seemed to work out. So you have three rounds of rolled diapers on the bottom. Two rounds of diapers in the middle, and one round on the top. You need the cheapy baby bottle on top of the baby powder bottle to hold the top tier of diapers.

Here it is. All the diapers wrapped. The diapers don’t look all neat and tidy, but that is fine with me. I want it to look nice, but I don’t need it to look perfect. I did know that I wanted to cover the rubber bands. They just look tacky. I could use paper like the tutorial suggested, but I didn’t want to fuss with paper so I went to the store and bought some ribbon. I also found some cute scrapbook stickers (On clearance) to add to it. Here is the final product.

I think it turned out very cute! It cost me about $30 to make. I have already given it to my neighbor, and she really liked it. I should have waited until she had the baby, so that I would have an excuse to visit and cuddle the baby. I wasn’t thinking. Now I am just going to have to show up on the door step and beg for a newborn baby fix. Anyway, I would say that I….

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