This is the sixth installment in the Tressays Virtual Homeschool Convention. It is going to be a short one too. My sister would like it so noted that I am a nerd for doing this. So noted. Love you, sis!


You do not need a Health curriculum. If you want to buy your kids a book about growing up because it is easier to hand them a book than discuss why they need deodorant, it is up to you. But please, please do not purchase the Abeka Health book or any other health book because it is part of “school”.

Do you tell your kids to brush their teeth? Health.
Do you make them eat their vegetables and tell them why they can’t have peanut butter M&M’s for breakfast? Health.
Do you tell them to go play outside, and for all that is beautiful leave you alone already? Health. (well, except the leaving alone part. It has kind of been a long day.)
Do you tell them to get lots of sleep because their bodies are growing? Health. (Never mind that there is a new episode of Big Bang Theory coming on. That has nothing to do with it.)
Do you make them to bathe? Health.
Do you tell them to wash their hands after using the bathroom? (I really hope you do.) Health.

Seriously. You are homeschooling. You have got this. You don’t even need to print out worksheets on the food groups or healthy habits. Just don’t do it. You are teaching them healthy habits just by going about your day.

If you want to talk about specific nutrition, do it while you are eating. “Carrots are high in Vitamin A, kids.” or “Yep, Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Eat your broccoli.” And when your teens start drinking a bit too many Sobe drinks. Measure out the 70g of sugar that is in those things, give them a spoon, and tell them to dig in. Mine haven’t picked one up since. Health. (And no. I didn’t make them eat the sugar. I was trying to make a point.)

That’s health. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.