I haven’t been to a good homeschool convention in years. I attended the FPEA convention over 7 years ago with a couple of friends. It was a great convention. I heard Susan Wise Bauer and a couple of other great speakers. Nothing has compared to that first convention I attended. I don’t attend conventions anymore because the speakers seem to be speaking more about managing the home and raising children than how to teach writing. I have also found the classes are one giant commercial for a particular product feeding on my insecurities. If I buy their product, I will never have any trouble homeschooling again.

I miss the idea of a convention. All those homeschoolers hustling and bustling around looking at books. It rejuvenated me. I couldn’t wait to start my school again after attending.  Now I seem to have lost my fire, and it would be nice to rekindle the flame.

I had this idea to have a little virtual convention, for myself or anyone else who cares to read it, right here on this little blog of mine. I will post some articles which I find helpful and discuss. Please feel free to discuss them and add anything I missed or you find helpful. I may discuss curriculum that I have liked, have purchased, or may purchase in the future. This does not mean that you have to purchase it or even think about purchasing it.

Of course, I am no expert. I am just a mom that has been homeschooling for almost 10 years. I don’t have a magic formula that will make your homeschool great. I promise that such a thing does not exist. I don’t have a recipe to make homeschooling easy. I promise that recipe does not exist either. There are tools to make it easier. Donna Young  is the first to come to mind, but she can’t school your kids. (Wait a minute. Donna, can you come school my kids? I will make you lots and lots of cookies!)  I am not a professional, but neither are most of the people at a convention. (Yeah, I said it.)  I just ask that you take everything with a grain of salt.

All good? Great. Let’s talk.