My oldest received a college application in the mail the other day. I keep asking myself how it could be possible that I have a child old enough to attend college. I have no answer because I am not old enough. However, the application sitting on the kitchen counter says otherwise.

I flipped through the application to see what hoops I am going to have to jump through. I should mention this is the college he wants to attend, so I want to make sure my ducks are in a row. I scan the application, and there it is. The school wants an academic reference from someone other than a family member. Well, that is just dandy. I am teacher, counselor, and advisor all rolled into one. Who could he write on the application?

I decided to email the Dean of Admissions.

Let me stop and make a note to my fellow homeschoolers. Do not be afraid to email the college admission offices. Granted, not all universities are friendly or welcoming to homeschoolers, but plenty of them are. It is much better to know in advance what they need to see from your child than to find out after the fact. Homeschoolers are not an enigma any longer. The admissions office isn’t going to be surprised to find out you home school. The school may make it difficult to apply, but they may not. It may be surprisingly easy. How will you know if you do not contact them?

I emailed the Dean. What the heck? I asked him. No, just kidding. I didn’t write that. This isn’t the first time I have spoken with the Dean. He has always been very friendly and very accommodating, and I was expecting him to be so again.

And he was. “You are the academic reference,” he said. He went on to say that my son was welcome to apply now. Now? Yes, they already have some applicants for the 2013 graduating class. I thought I had a few months yet. I do have a transcript ready for him. I just have no idea what he will be studying this year. I guess we should sit down together and figure that out. How I wish I could just graduate him right now!

So that will be that. He is going to fill out the application and he will have applied to college. I have no idea how we got here, but we seem to have made it in one piece. For that, I am thankful. (Melanie, now is not the time to remind me of my whining and hand wringing. Sheesh.)

P.S. I am dreaming about Where’s My Water. You know, the app made by Disney. I had a code for a free game. When I close my eyes in the shower, I imagine the water coming in from a broken pipe in the ceiling. I think this is a clue that I am playing the game a bit too much. Yep.