I am going to be 40 in a couple of months. I don’t feel like I am going to be 40. 40 is the age that those other people are. I see around on Facebook and other blogs that people make lists of 40 things they want to do before they are 40. I decided that I would write down some great things, not necessarily 40 of them, that I have done in my life. Rather than focus on the things I have not done, I want to focus on the things that I have done.

Kept a journal -since I was 12. Oh my, to read the ones from my teen years. I may burn those.

German exchange student– so it was for only 5 weeks. I had a blast! I traveled a bit around Germany, France, and Switzerland. Spent a little to much time at the local pub and made fabulous memories.

Married a wonderful guy– a sailor of all people. I always said that I would never, ever date a sailor. Sailors were nothing but trouble. Growing up in a Navy town I heard all the horror stories. But this guy was so cute. He couldn’t be one of the trouble makers. Nope. He wasn’t. We only dated 2 months before I knew.

Lived in 4 states and Singapore– never would have done this had I not broken my previous rule.

Swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Had 3 beautiful children

Read 90 books in 180 days a deployment

Beat my husband in a letter writing contest we have a box full of love letters. Email on deployment is great, but it will never be as good as getting 3 letters in one day from the man you love.

Took a semester of Mandarin This came in handy when all the old men at the wet market in Singapore would try to get me to tell them “I love you” in Mandarin. Didn’t fall for that one.

Learned to repair underground sprinklers Not by choice, but I can do it now.

Became the Roto-Rooter queen. Don’t ask.

Chair of Volunteers for Navy Marine-Corp Relief The hardest and most rewarding volunteer job I have ever done.

Driven across the country I don’t even know how many times. 4? maybe?

Went whale watching

Drove the scenic Hwy 101

Have seen Les Mis saw this in Singapore. So powerful.

Been to Disney World

Met a true American Cowboy wrote about this on my blog somewhere.

Saw in person the kindness of strangers

Played piano at the mall I know this sounds goofy, but I had always wanted to do that.

Saw a cobra in the wild so it was only a baby. I nearly stepped on the thing. And people wonder why I have such a fear of snakes.

Spent 2 weeks in the San Juans on a boat. With my best childhood friend. That trip is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Spent the weekend in Lombok the island next to Bali. The island was more remote than Bali. The black sand beach was beautiful. Our room was near the beach and was more of a hut than a room. It was wonderful.

Had dinner at the Compass Rose A restaurant at the top of the tallest (at the time) hotel in the world. It was the best dinner I have ever had.

Got lost in said hotel. Security found me. The hotel was round. I couldn’t remember my room number so I kept wandering around hoping my husband would find me. Yeah, security found me first.

Hitch hiked don’t tell my kids. It was in Germany, so it doesn’t count.

Rear ended a nice old couple I was so upset that they ended up trying to make me feel better. There was ice cream in their trunk too.

went skinny dipping Again. Don’t tell my kids.

Made some great friends Great friends that I haven’t ever met. Great friends that I haven’t seen in years. Great friends that I haven’t seen in days but will see again soon! Great friends that are only an email away. And great friends that are now in heaven.

All in all, I have had a pretty fun time of things. Oh, there is the daily drudgery. The kids won’t do their school work, the cat woke me up again, or whatever. It is good times for the most part. Kind of excited for the next 40.