My kids love to use the word ‘random’. For example, “That was so random.” it makes my skin crawl when I hear them say that. My husband and I do not get it. I don’t think that we are supposed to get it. Still, it bothers me. Random. I am not even sure that I like the word. Random. Random. Nope. At least they are still using it as an adjective.

I am getting a tan. This is surprising. I forget that I do tan when the sun shines more than one day a year. When I was a teenager I would slather myself in baby oil in the hopes of getting a tan. It didn’t work. I didn’t even get a sunburn. That is Washington sunshine for you. Now I am slathering myself in 50 SPF sunscreen and wearing a hat and still getting a tan. It is surprising. It is also surprising that Washington State has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the nation. Don’t use baby oil to get a tan, and yes, you can still get skin cancer when it is cloudy.

My kids are busy. Each one of them has their own activity. An activity that does not require my presence. Do you know how absolutely wonderful this is? Usually I am heavily involved in their activities is some way. But now I drop them off and return in a few hours to pick them up. It is delightful. I see now why some parents like that place called school. That has to be the only thing good about it. I can’t imagine any other reason to imprison my kids there.

While we are talking about school. All those people that told me that my kids would never be able to socialize properly because they are home schooled or that they would never be able to get along with people their own age. To those that said homeschoolers are weird. To all you naysayers I say, “Pbfflltt!!” My son has a job. He wakes up every day on his own, goes to work, and manages to speak with people of all different ages all day long. My daughter volunteers. She gets up on her own, I drop her off, and she speaks with people of all ages for half the day. So tell me again why they need to be shut up in a classroom all day with only people the exact same age as they are? (However, I may concede the point that sometimes we homeschoolers are a bit weird, but that is a post for another day.)

NCIS and Spongebob. What do these two things have in common? They are both on my TV for far too much of the day.

Yes, four pink frosted animal cookies will cause me to have a reaction to gluten. It was so upsetting. It was bad. I told my husband I didn’t know what caused it even though I did. Curse you, Circus Animal Cookies! Why must you be so tasty?

20,000-30,000. The number of people they are expecting on post for the 4th of July celebration. I think we will be celebrating at home.

Summer vacation? Lovely.