My cat is making me crazy. He is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. Here is he being himself.


I do love him for the most part. The truth is that I am not an animal lover. I wasn’t raised with animals. I don’t bond with them the way some people do. I did love animals at one time. My first job was in a vet’s office. It was a great job, and I did all kinds of interesting things. I was comfortable around many kinds of animals. (except snakes. I have never been comfortable around them.) Now? I could easily live without a pet.

Except there is Toby. I do love Toby. More importantly my kids love Toby. However, he is starting to get on my very last nerve. The trait that makes Toby a wonderful kitty pet, his need to be around people, also makes him annoying. Especially at 3 AM.

I am not sure what started this. He doesn’t like to be alone. We all sleep with our doors closed. My husband and I do because we have recently discovered that he is allergic to Toby. My kids do because Toby keeps them up all night with his purring, licking, and bed-hogging. He used to start crying at 6 AM. That was reasonable. For awhile he would even wait until we got up. But now! Now he just cries all night!

He is making me crazy with his crying. As I write this he is upstairs crying because the kids are not up yet. I sit down here with plenty of room next to me on the couch, but he doesn’t want me. He just wants everyone up. Once everyone is up, he will be fine.

3AM is too early for anyone. This is a new thing. I can’t feed him that early because he will make it more of a pattern. I can’t let him cuddle with us. My husband says if he keeps it up he will be spending his nights in the garage. I don’t want that for him either. Well, maybe I do. I am pretty tired.

Like I said, he is a great kitty, but his neediness is getting obnoxious. I am not going to get another cat. One is plenty. It was difficult enough moving with one. Two would drive me over the edge. Plus he travels well, doesn’t scratch up my furniture or walk on my table, and always potties appropriately. You don’t get this lucky twice. I just want him to chill out. Let me sleep.

And he has to live with us for the rest of his life. He is probably 9 years old. Middle age. Since he is strictly indoor we probably have another 9 years with him. He better learn how to deal. I can’t do this for 9 more years.