This guy is officially a senior.

How did that happen? I have no idea. He received a college application in the mail the other day. I flipped through it. It was for Bethany Lutheran College, the college he wants to attend. Very straight forward and FREE! I heart free college applications. It will be the only thing that is free the next 5 years. I have to take what I can get. He also started a summer job. I am very excited for him. Do you know how much I love asking him, “How was work?” I must ask him that 5 or 6 times after he gets home. It isn’t old yet. For him maybe, but not for me.

Huh. I meant to keep this as a draft so that I could add more to it. Oh well, here goes.

My daughter is also starting to get busy. She will be volunteering this summer. I am very excited for her. I think it is going to be a great experience for her. It gets her out of the house and keeps her busy. I can’t believe she is a sophomore now. Times sure does fly when you are having fun.

Washington State had me sun deprived. I am starting to realize how much I missed the sun. There is something to be said for waking up to the sun every morning. I don’t care much for the heat, but I do like sitting by the pool. When it rains, it only rains for a short time and feels refreshing rather than depressing.

I am covered in mosquito bites. I stood outside chatting with my neighbor while the movers put her household goods on the truck. She is a great neighbor, and I am sorry to see her go. The movers did not leave until nearly midnight. I think she gets the award for longest pack out.

I am reading a lot more. It is amazing how much time I have. I have to admit that I do like my free time. Even my kids commented that they are enjoying having me around more. They made me painfully aware that I was a bit distant last school year. You know how everyone else can see that you are too busy, but you can’t see it for yourself? That was me.

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten Free Cookies is my new favorite cookbook. The author uses very few flours, and the cookies are very good. I am so happy to find a cookbook that gives me some of my favorites. Maybe there is hope for this gluten free thing after all. I have lost 6 pounds, so there is that.

That is it in a nutshell. Summer, swimming, and reading.