I made spaghetti and meatballs last night for dinner. It used to be one of my cheap, go-to meals. Lately, with the price of ground beef that hasn’t been the case, but spaghetti is still one of my husband’s favorite meals. Before going gluten free, I would whip up a batch of baking powder biscuits. They were pretty good too and an inexpensive addition to my go-to meal.  I could have them ready in 15 minutes, and they filled the stomachs of my teens.

Last night I wanted biscuits. I didn’t want to make the biscuits on the back of the gluten free Bisquick box. Biscuits are supposed to be cheap, and the Bisquick isn’t cheap. I searched my new cookbooks for a recipe, but there wasn’t one in there that didn’t require some crazy flour that I don’t have yet. So off to the internet I went.

I found one at Domestifluff. I had never seen this website before. It looks like there are a lot of good things at that website to explore, but I was on a mission. Her recipe required only two flours, if you can call corn starch a flour. I had everything I needed. I decided to use the brown rice flour I just bought and go for it. (I should mention here that I have a fear of using expensive ingredients. Things may not turn out and then I have wasted my money. This is a big problem with GF baking because everything is expensive. )

Everything was going fine until I added the milk.  You know what corn starch and water looks like mixed together right? Not in your slurry before you make gravy, but in oobleck. Have you ever made oobleck? If you haven’t made Oobleck, go straight away and make some. Here are some instructions. Let the kids make a mess. It will just brush off their clothes. I never bother to color it. Hours of fun.  Whatever you do, don’t dump it down your sink.

ANYWAY, the batter looked a little like Oobleck. I was a bit concerned. Because of this I decided to forego biscuit cutters and just make drop biscuits.

They turned out great! Everyone loved them.  A little butter and a little honey and I could almost forget that I have had to become gluten free.

Not only are these biscuits good, but they aren’t very expensive to make. I can see me making these often. I am pretty happy.

If you would like to try them yourself, go to Domestifluff’s Gluten Free Biscuits.