Yes, it comes as a shock to me too. My oldest is going to be a senior next year. However, it doesn’t come as a shock to him. He likes to remind me daily that if he had been born two months earlier he would be going to college this summer rather than next. Yeah. Yeah. whatever. I remember the teenage angst. The countdown to moving out. Let me tell you. The boy has it rough here. He has to clean the kitchen and do his own laundry. Anyway, enough of that.

The boy is ready for college course work. I know it. He knows it. He could go to the local community college and take a couple of classes. Unfortunately, in this state, he is limited in the number of classes he can take as a high schooler. He also has this thing about community college. I remember it well. I also had this thing about community college. I don’t anymore. Believe me. I think it is great! I wish I could convince him.

We have made a compromise. He is going to CLEP. He can take the tests on post as soon as he is ready for them. We know for sure that he will CLEP out of College Algebra. I told him that he needs to pick at least 3 more. I think he is leaning towards Western Civ and US History. I am not sure about the other. Maybe I can direct him to Biology. We will see.

There isn’t much more that I can do with him here anyway. He wants to continue with his Latin. That will give him 4 years. He is beyond my knowledge in that subject, and I gave up trying to keep up with him a long time ago. He took the Silver Medal on the National Latin Exam, so it appears that I am not holding him back.

I also may try to find a writing tutor to work out all the kinks in his writing. He really is a math person. Good thing that is what he wants to study.

That is our plan, but you know how plans are.