I was determined to make a shortcake for myself from all those lovely strawberries. The difficulty wasn’t finding a gluten free shortcake recipe. It was in deciding which one to use. I am still very limited because I have not purchased all the flours one needs to make delectable gluten free baked goods. For every recipe I found I was missing one of the flours. Potato flour is not a flour that I can run and purchase at the Shopette. I found that my gluten free Bisquick had a shortcake recipe right on the box! I didn’t have to combine a bunch of flours. I used it just as you would regular Bisquick.

The verdict: Good. It didn’t have that shortcake/shortbread taste that we have come to love from wheat filled shortcake, but it was definitely better than those nasty angel food cakey things you buy in the grocery. My family ate them and pronounced them good. Of course, when you cover them in whipped cream that has been whipped fresh and strawberry goodness what is there not to like? I do think it was sweeter than regular so I should have made the portions smaller.

Conclusion: I would make again. I am still a gluten free newbie, so I reserve the right to change my mind as I get better experimenting with different recipes.