Moving 3000 miles to a place where you know not a soul gives a person a little bit more time to read. I haven’t decided if I like all this time I have now or if I am lonely. It is a little of both, I think.

First of all I should probably give a fair warning that I am reading nothing good for me. My brain is kaput. It is lucky that I can barely wrap my brain around my son’s math. So while I am not sorry that I am reading junk food, I just wanted to give a heads up. (I am also not going to link to pictures because I am just that lazy.)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks– I did not want to like this cook book. I started reading her blog so long ago but stopped when I was overcome by irrational jealousy. A little part of me does not want to like her, but I do. This cookbook is so pretty! I just love flipping through and looking at all the pictures. There are a lot of delicious looking recipes that I can’t eat (stupid gluten free diet), but a few that I can give a try such as her iced coffee. Yum!

Sacre’ Bleu -This is a Christopher Moore book. He is funny. I very much like the Impressionist period of art. I found this book entertaining because I am familiar with the artists. I liked it.

Insatiable -See? I told you I am reading garbage. This book is by Meg Cabot. You know, the author of The Princess Diaries? We went to the base library and my girl checked out a couple of her books. The librarian had asked me if I had read her adult fiction. No, I replied. Oh, it is funny, she said. It pokes fun at the Twilight series. I would enjoy that, I said. She bounced off and retrieved both books for me. I started reading it and kept waiting for the poking fun to begin. It didn’t. It is a Twilight for grown up women. Yes, I finished it. Yes, I am ashamed. The next one Overbite is sitting on the end table. Will I read it? I don’t know. Vampires just aren’t my thing.

Tribute– by Nora Roberts. I haven’t started this one yet. There was a day when I read every Nora Roberts book that I could find. I haven’t read one in a long time. They started getting too predictable. I was tired of the girl in danger, boy rescues girl story line. I am not sure what this one is about. I just picked it up for old time’s sake.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook– This book is actually written for teens. Will my teens read it? Probably not. Would there be a lot of good in it for them? Yes. Which is exactly why they won’t read it. I have flipped through and read a few sections myself. It is a good book. Lots of good ideas for teens to break out of the teenage mold that we all expect. My kids do a lot of self teaching already, but they don’t like it. It is a chore. That whole “love of learning” thing that we homeschoolers are supposed to have by default? It is not as easy as it sounds.

The Distant Hours– by Kate Moore. This is OK. I am about a third of the way through it. I keep waiting for it to get gripping and it just hasn’t gripped me. As you can see, I am able to put it down to read other things. Maybe I will give it another good try.

Dragonbreath 4– Technically this is Freckle Face’s book, but he is showing me so much of it and reading me so many parts of it that I may as well say that I am reading it. “Listen to this part, Mom. It is so funny.” or “Mom, look at this! hahahaha! Mom, don’t you think it is funny?” Quality literature it is not. I am just happy that he is reading.