1. The vultures. These birds sit on the house a few doors down. Sometimes I catch them sitting on the playground at the bottom of the hill. I guess they are a little creepy, but they make me laugh. What are they waiting for? Why do they hang out here? Road kill? They are the ugliest birds. I wonder why God made them so ugly? They eat dead things. That is an added insult to injury.

2. Keep moving change lanes later. That is a road sign that shows up every so often. When we drive past it I have to read it out loud. Scott reminds me that he can read, but that isn’t why I read it. Doesn’t it read funny? It makes me giggle. Keep moving. Change lanes later. Haha.

3. The arrows painted on the ground at the base gas station. Apparently they want to keep some semblance of order at the gas station. You can only drive one direction. Rules. Don’t go the wrong way! It will ruin all order. Anyone else remember the arrows on the floor of the commissaries or am I dating myself?

4. Certain foods at the commissary. My last commissary didn’t carry pig stomach. I have never seen it before. There is also a very large German foods section which actually makes me weep because I love it and it is full of gluten. Spatzle. Delicious spatzle. Stupid gluten free diet.

5. My husband’s commute. He had a 30 minute commute at his last duty station. He only complained about it near the end, but it did wear on him. So in the morning I tell him to drive safe. Then, in the evening I ask him how the traffic was. He says it was hairy. He passed four cars. I laugh. I hope that doesn’t get old.

6. Bojangles. I think it is a chicken fast food chain. Maybe? I don’t know, but the name makes me laugh. Oh, look! It is Bojangles!