My kitchen looks somewhat presentable, so I thought I could take a couple of quick pictures to show you. They aren’t good pictures because the camera on my iPad is not good, but I am too lazy to upload good pictures right now. This is as good as it gets right now.


And the other side.


You can see all the stuff on the bar that needs to find a home. I have no idea where the stuff is going to go. Probably a box. Anyway, this is the largest kitchen that I have had in years. I have never had this much counter space. I am pretty thankful for it. There are a couple things I would have appreciated, but I can make do. The counter space is lovely. I am going to have to slap a microwave on it eventually. That will make me sad because I don’t like counter top microwaves. It is such a shame to use precious counter space for one. I wish that I could live without one, but alas, I can’t. I feel a bit isolated in there too, but Scott is good about coming in and keeping me company. I look out over the sink to trees. That makes me the happiest of all. I miss my Washington trees already. These trees are a good substitute.

So that is my kitchen. Not fancy, but nice. I like it.