I didn’t have much of a post for the 5th day of our travel. It was not as much fun as the first four days because the traffic was…hairy. I had to navigate more for Scott because there were a lot of interchanges and such. Getting into Columbia was…challenging. We were tired, and it was rush hour. My first impression was not very positive, but in all fairness we had been in the car 11 hours. Things are slowly improving.

We have been placed in  a 2 bedroom apt for 10 days. It is a nice, little place and has made us comfortable. Everyone has somewhere to sleep. We also had a washer and dryer. Major plus!!  The only bad thing? We have had to share one computer. Painful. Do you know how spoiled I have been? Even on the road we had Wi-Fi. Even McDonald’s has Wi-Fi. Oh, how I miss my Wi-Fi. Other than that, it has been a nice stay at this little place.

The last couple of days we have driven around because I forced Scott to take me places. Starbucks is a priority with Target close behind. We found both, and since then I feel like I have more of my bearings. I am a little less miserable.

We took the kids to the zoo today. (Post to come later) It was much easier to drive through downtown than I thought it would be. I should have no trouble navigating those streets. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot. We walked a small path up to the botanical gardens where I proceeded to jump at every noise in the bushes. It made Scott crazy, but I have an irrational fear of snakes. Even in Washington, where there no venomous ones, I would jump. It is in my nature. It was a nice walk to the gardens. Some of the flowers were blooming, but I must go back in the summer. I think the spring flowers were just getting started.

We have a house on post. (Look how good I am getting! I said “post”.) After a little kerfuffule and confusion, we got a place. It is nice. Smaller than what I was hoping for, but nice. I have a pantry. That is a huge bonus. For the past 6 years, the garage has been my pantry. It will be nice to have the food with in reach. I also have more than 3 drawers in the kitchen. Very nice! I am not certain where the piano will go. That is a priority. I hope that Scott and I can agree on things without too much arguing. I am coming to the end of my moving patience rope, so it may not happen. The house backs up to some trees. I like that a lot. It is very private in the back yard. The back yard is very small. Even smaller than our last house, but I don’t mind that at all. No one plays outside at my house anymore unless it is to ride bikes. It is possible that we may move again. If a 4 bedroom becomes available and we want to move, we can move. It will be all on our own, but we will probably do it.

There are some very good benefits to living on post. (Whew! I did it again.)  Scott is very close to his office. I am very close to the commissary and the pool. I also like the location of the base in relation to the rest of the city. I can hit pretty much area of the city I need within 20-30 minutes. Very nice. Sometimes closer. I see us saving a lot of money on our gas bill.

Toby is doing famously. Wouldn’t even know that we moved him 3000 miles. He isn’t hiding, spitting, pottying inappropriately. Nothing. He is his usual cuddly, talkative, hungry self. I am very glad that we chose to bring him. I know that I questioned it, but I am glad that we did it.

The kids are doing well. I think they are a bit bored, but their attitudes are good. Well, subtract the normal teenage attitude, and I have some pretty amazing kids. Especially considering my 17 year old is going to have to share a room with his goofy little brother.

Life is fine. I am missing my friends, but that is to be expected. I hope that I have nice neighbors. Since we will be sharing a wall, I wish it very much. I will write again when all is settled. I am anxious to get my life in order again.