South Dakota isn’t the most exciting of states to drive through. It is also very long. Maps are so deceiving. It is much longer than it looks on the map. Not as long as Montana, of course, but long. There are a lot of billboards to give you something to look at, and if you had time you could stop at some corny touristy places like Wall Drug and The Corn Palace. Unfortunately, we do not have time today. We lost a hour, and it is a longer drive today.

Because of the billboards, the alphabet game is fun to play. You get letters fast, so it makes the game fun. Unless you are like me and can’t find a Q for 100 miles. Would it be so terrible to place the word “quick” on a couple of billboards? I lost big time to Scott. He found a Q in a Dairy Queen sign,and that was the last Q for two hours. I did finally finish my game. I am not a quitter after all. Oh, look! A Q!

We did hear some fun stuff on the radio. I was flipping through the AM stations and came across on-air wanted ads. People were calling in and advertising different items for sale. It was interesting. Someone was selling a drill of some kind. Scott and I wondered why you would call the radio to sell a drill when the caller said his price of $9800. Clearly we don’t know what kind of drill he was talking about. We listened for awhile. Callers were from all over-Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota. Must be well known. We also were able to hear how the ag markets were doing today. No clue what any of it meant. We also found the local Native American station. Since we were close to Sioux lands, I think it was their station. It was the time for birthdays, and they played their version of the Happy Birthday song. People were supposed to call in during the song. Only one called in for a baby born last week. No birthdays today, I guess.

We are currently crossing the Missouri River. Beautiful. Amazing what a river will do to a landscape. It is green on this side of it.

I am currently staring at a swath of windmills. They sure take up a lot of land those windmills. I am going to google later and find out how much power per square mile they generate. I wonder why we can take miles of land for windmills, but can’t put a pipeline through? I wonder how much energy per square mile that would bring in? My son reminded me that energy can be neither created nor destroyed it can only change form. Thanks for that, son. Fine. How much energy changes form per square mile for the windmills? Sheesh.


We are about one hour from our destination. Not much else to report. Freckle Face did beat the high score in Fruit Ninja on my iPad. The previous high score had been set by the oldest who had beat Freckle’s high score. Would it be too much to ask that I set the high score on my own device? They all have Fruit Ninja on their iPods. Oh, but it is so much more fun on mine! Of course it is. I could be playing games on a Commodore 64, and it would stillbe more fun. Kids.

There are more trees in Iowa. It is obvious that we are further south because the trees have leaves on them. I am happy to see them.