We made an early start this morning. We will be staying with Scott’s uncle tonight. My girl is looking forward to discussing all things Colts with him. We have been blessed with the best weather. It is sunny again today. I have been so sun starved that the sun itself puts a smile on my face even though I am stuck I a car.

Iowa was a nice state. Lots of windmills. I am going to have to do some research on wind power. I have a lot of questions. Why do all the windmills turn at the same rate? Does the rate increase at a gust of wind? Why is it that they can maintain the same rate? Is the wind blowing consistently at the same rate? In Iowa? Is that a battery pack behind the blades? 🙂 See? Lots of questions.

The farmers have been busy working in their fields. We see lots of large farm equipment working in the fields. It is kind of fin. It gives us something to look at.

We had a close brush with nature this morning. We were driving along at a good pace when I happened to see a deer bouncing though the fields. Boing! Boing! That is what shelooked like to me anyway. he looked like she had springs on her feet. It was like the deer was traveling along the x-axis and we were on the y-axis. We were going to meet at the origin. I pointed the deer out to Scott who promptly slowed down. Just as the deer came to the edge of the road she stopped, looked at us, and turned around. Had she jumped in the road we would have hit her. We had slowed considerably, but it still wouldn’t have been pretty. I think God whispered in her ear that she didn’t want to jump in the road today. My eyes have been peeled for deer since then.

We had a long distance today between rest areas and that spells trouble for people in a car who just finished drinking large drinks from Mc’Ds. (All sizes were a buck. Why would you get a small?) So in order to distract everyone I finally pulled out my secret weapon. It is called “The Really Really Big Words Quiz.” I read a word, gave the multiple choice answers, and waited for my family to wow me. We had the following words-invidious, pulchritude, quondam, prestidigitation, and pusillanimous. Everyone got one right either by guessing or using roots. They wowed me.

They kids have been pretty obnoxious in the car today, but that is a good thing. They were laughing and joking. A little loud for me, but I let them go. Even when they were singing “We are the Champions”.

It bears repeating that the sun is making me happy. When we stop, I want to soak in the sun. I am walking around in short sleeves withouta jacket. So lovely.

I don’t think in will be able to post this tonight. I don’t think I will have Wi-fi. So when you don’t see me last night that is why.