As I type this we are currently 150 miles from our first stop. This may not seem like much, but I made a mistake in mileage calculations. It is the first hiccup of the trip. We are driving about 100 miles more today than I wanted to. The husband is loving it. He wanted to drive 800, so it works out as a compromise.

Our cat Toby seems to be doing all right. He refuses to drink anything or use the turkey pan I brought along for him. He has eaten a few treats and is comfortably sleeping between the older kids. He was not happy through the mountain passes. I am not sure if it was his ears or the bumpy roads. He does much better on the flats. He has one more mountain pass today when we cross the Continental Divide. He isn’t crying. He just gives us a pitiful meow every now and then.

The kids are in a very good mood. We had a very emotional weekend when we said good- bye to friends. Last night they were ready to go. It was tough last week waiting to get this show on the road. This morning they were singing in the car. We hadn’t even reached Tacoma before I had tell them to tone it down. I am glad they are happy, but I didn’t need to hear a word for word scene playback from Harry Potter. Freckle Face is journaling the trip and he just let me read it. It was so cute! I am excited because his spelling wasn’t that bad. Yay!

Me? I am all right. I am worried a bit about Toby and will feel better when we are at the hotel. The passes were beautiful. I love Montana. This is my 6th trip through the state. I do wonder. Is the state ever green?

I just remembered why I picked this town as our stopping point. Last year, when we drove the Budget truck from MN we had stopped (broke down) here. We made it from here all the way home in one day. I figured if we could do it in a Budget truck we could surely do it in the car. I didn’t think to take the cat, the kids, or the loss of an hour into consideration. Oops.

Well, we are at the end of the day. My girl managed to get a severe case of motion sickness. At least, I hope that is what it is. My poor girl. It just broke my heart. No one wants to be sick on a long trip.