Let us take a brief respite from all this talk of moving and talk about something more interesting. Something like ghosts.

Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t. I don’t believe that the spirits of the dead linger here on earth because they have no peace. You know those goofy shows like Ghost Hunters? They make me laugh. Let’s walk around in complete darkness (except for the camera light, of course) and play with a little electromagnifier thing and call it a ghost. Because, you know, ghosts only communicate in complete darkness. I believe that when we die, we go to one of two places. It is the Lutheran in me. None of this hanging around the earth business.

Having said that, I do believe that there are things on this earth that we can’t explain.  I have to believe it because my the house I grew up in is a bit on the creepy side. Of course, being creepy and being haunted are two different things. Like I said, I don’t think it is haunted in the sense that the person who died in this house 80 years ago still lives here, but it is creepy. My old room especially.

Things have been happening in my room since I was a young girl. Funny sounds. Dripping noises. Toothpaste showing up in my eyebrows. (haha! Seriously, that happened. I think it was my husband playing a practical joke, but he won’t own it.)   Once as a teenager I saw someone sitting on the end of my bed. I wasn’t afraid. I just kept imploring it to let me sleep because I was tired. I saw it three times that night, but never saw it again. My parents set up a voice activated recorder one night for fun. They caught some noises. Nothing like you see on ghostie shows, but enough to keep the recorder going. We shrugged our shoulders, said it was interesting and moved on.

We like to joke around that the house is haunted. Things go missing and turn up in strange places. Like the dryer. Things show up in the dryer. Stirring up trouble in other rooms of the house. I used to hear the newspapers rustling late at night when everyone had gone to bed. My sister claims she used to  hear the rocking chair rocking. When we think we hear something or we lose something, we blame it on the ghost. It is all in good fun.

Only once has it given someone a good scare. Most of the time it is just annoying. This house is over 100 years old. That is very old for this side of the country. It was an old logging house when it was first built. I think. It only had a wood stove for heat and a lean-to for laundry. It also had a grease trap. (A round of applause for the first one to correctly explain a grease trap) This house has history. It gives it character and makes it interesting.

Is it haunted? Nah. Are there things we can’t explain? Yep. But wouldn’t it be boring if we could explain everything on this world of ours?