The movers come tomorrow. I am staring at my pictures lined up against the wall. My husband is sitting next to me willing himself to unhook the TV and all the assorted cords. Every stitch of laundry is done. The suitcases are packed. At one point today I wanted to throw away every piece of our clothing and buy new. If the kids are short socks it is not my fault. We can buy them some flip flops and call it a day. And miracle of all miracles, everything is going to fit in the car. We even managed it without yelling at each other. Win!

I am going to dump a few things here so that I can sleep tonight.

  • We still have to get our new military ID’s. Husband tried to make an appointment. Do you know that they are booked for a month out? Yikes. Wasn’t expecting that. I can’t wait to sit for 3 hours at PSD.
  • I need a new driver’s license. When I changed my address 4 years ago, the woman behind the counter wouldn’t give me the MIL expiration date that is so awesome in this state. For whatever reason, I didn’t argue with her. My husband was going to retire anyway. Oh, life can be such a cruel joke at times.
  • My house is not really ready for the packers. Yes, and I am sitting here. I just can’t force myself to do anymore today.
  • No, we don’t know where we are going to live. At first this didn’t bother me. We have done it before. In fact, we have only had a forwarding address one time in this life of ours. Why is it bothering me this time? I think I may have lost my sense of adventure.
  • Yes, I have lost my sense of adventure. I know what lies ahead for me. A year of figuring out the homeschooling community. A year of making friends. A year trying to find a way for myself. Watching my kids drag themselves through.  And the FAFSA. Who is going to help me with the FAFSA?
  • My kitty seems to be feeling better. I will take his obnoxious cries for food as a good sign.
  • They had a going away brunch/military appreciation for us and all the military families today at church today. It was lovely. My church family is very loving. This is the second time I have said good bye to them. 
  • I really wish that the movers would pack my cleaning supplies. It seems that I have bought the lion’s share of them. Not sure when I had planned to use them all. Maybe I thought that if I bought them, they would miraculously clean the house themselves. Wouldn’t that have been nice?
  • My husband turns 40 the day we leave. I need to get a bunch of gags gifts for him.
  • My daughter turns 15 the dady we arrive. I need to make the day special for her too. We already gave her an ipod touch, but it would be nice to do something else too. Need to figure that out.
  • I pray my piano arrives in one piece. This will be its third move.
  • A college called my son out of the blue and told him that they would love to have him apply. Oh, yay! He isn’t interested, but he sure was excited after the call. I told him that colleges want the academic kids as much as the athletic kids. I told him. I told him. I told him. Man, I love being right.
  • God is here. I have trouble reminding myself of that. I am afraid to pray for so many things because I feel like He can’t give them all to me. When, duh, of course He can.  My faith is weak. Like I can’t trust Him to take care of everything for me.I feel like I have to take care of it all. He can’t do it all Himself.  When I know, in the deep of my deeps, He can. The things I can’t control, He can. I just need to let it go. That is very hard for me.

I guess that is it for now. I hope to write a little between tomorrow and the time we arrive in South Carolina.

One more thing. I am so proud of my kids right now. They are sad, but they are just handling this so well. Their maturity is showing. Even Freckle Face has calmed down. He has said that he is tired of people telling him that it is going to be an adventure. I told him that I was tired of people telling me that it is going to be hot. We both had a good chuckle over that. I have great kids. I am glad that we all get to do this together.