Here I sit. It is 9 am, and I am on my second cup of coffee. It is still quiet in the house. The kids, though I hesitate calling my oldest one a kid, are still sleeping. I have so much to do, but after a busy weekend of doing I just want to sit here and pour myself a third cup.

We have one month left in this beautiful state. One month before we put the cat in the cat carrier and head out on our 3000 mile journey. I think I have finally accepted the move. It has taken me a long time to accept. I am not sure if it because we sat in limbo so long or if it is because we have such a short time to do it in. Either way, I have accepted it.

I have wonderful friends here. Some friends gave my younger two a surprise birthday celebration since we will not be here. Another friend gave Freckle Face a going away party complete with ice skating. I have friends that are going to come over and help me clean this house. I appreciate that so much. I will admit that I pulled out the stove already because, even though they are awesome, the thought of them seeing under my stove is embarrassing. I am going to miss all these friends so much.

Hotel reservations have been made in a couple of places. This is a headache for me. Normally when we drive cross country we just go until we can’t go anymore. Except for one time, it has always worked. This time, with a cat, I feel better having reservations.

We have decided to live on base. Or post. Whatever you deign to call it. My husband is so tired of commuting. He has a 35 mile drive to work every day on frustrating roads with frustrating drivers. He is ready for a 5 minute commute. I was not pleased at first with the idea of on base living, but it has grown on me. We have lived in our own homes for the past 10 years. We haven’t lived on base since 2001 when our home was 900 sq.ft. There were five of us in that house. It wasn’t unpleasant, but I would have to say we are spoiled now. It seems housing has changed much in the past 10 years. It should be OK.

Space Bags are going to be our life saver. Do you know how much stuff you can get in those things? They are awesome. Since we have decided to ship one car and ride together, we have less space. My husband is nervous that we won’t have enough room in the car. It is probably a legitimate worry, but these Space Bags are going to make a big difference. I just have to convince him that we can squeeze it all in. I do not want to drive another car.

I changed my name. I had never changed to my married name with the Social Security Administration. Not really sure why. I just never thought about it until tax time. I don’t work (in the sense that I don’t receive a paycheck) and so never thought to change it. I finally did it. I had come up with all these excuses to tell the SSA why I never did it, but the woman behind the glass didn’t even blink when she looked at my marriage certificate. 18 years is a long time to wait, or so I thought. Ah, well. It made my husband happy. He took me to dinner to celebrate.

And so, that is what is happening here, cleaning, tossing, painting, pressure washing, and so forth. I still find time to watch TV. What is up with Army Wives? Lame. I used to like the show, but now it has become so ridiculous I can’t stomach it. I know we use TV to escape, but sheesh. It bears repeating. Lame.

Well, I have squandered 30 minutes and must get to work. Hopefully we will have some renters interested soon. I do not want them to see a messy house.