I do not like snakes. No, it goes farther than that. I fear snakes. Loathe them. Have nightmares about them. Seriously. Ever since I was a young child and was taunted by my cousin with harmless garter snakes, I have feared them.

I think that is one of the reason I love Western Washington so much. We may have snakes, but they are harmless snakes.  I may see them. They may scare me out of my shoes, but deep down (and I mean deep down) I know they won’t hurt me. But now we are moving to South Carolina. They have snakes. Snakes that can hurt me. Snakes that I should fear. And once again I have to be afraid of snakes all the time.

You would think that I would be used to it now. I have lived in Singapore. The land of the Black, Spitting Cobra. Yes, I saw one. Nearly stepped on it as a matter of fact. Also the land of Vipers. Did I see one of those? I don’t know, but I saw plenty of green snakes. Also the land of pythons. Happy to report that I never saw one of those, but I know plenty who did. That was enough for me. At night, we would walk with heavy feet to alert the snakes to our presence. Cobras are a shy snake and want to avoid human contact. I was always the one stomping the loudest.

Then, we had a reprieve from venomous snakes for a while when we moved to Great Lakes, IL. Maybe there are snakes there, but I never saw one. It took me a year to get over the habit of stomping at night.

A move to Florida brought be back into stomping territory. I saw lots of snakes in Florida. Water moccasins are common there. I never saw one of those.  We were fortunate to live in an old neighborhood that didn’t have the retention pond. The neighborhoods with ponds had more trouble with the moccasins. I was always hearing stories of battles with water moccasins. They aren’t the nicest of snakes.

Speaking of battles, my very good friend actually killed a cobra with a garden shovel. Her son was playing outside when he spotted it. He came in the house white as a sheet. Whatever possessed my friend to kill that snake with a garden shovel, I will never know. Adrenalin maybe? We talked about that battle for weeks.

Anyway, I have to move to a state with snakes. I wish I didn’t fear them so much. It keeps me from enjoying so much of what I should enjoy. There is a word for that, but I can’t think of it right now. Crippling? That may be the right word. It is crippling for me.

It will be fine. Yes, yes. It will be fine. As long as I don’t see any snakes, that is.