Yesterday a package came in the mail. I figured it would be the books for my husband’s next term, but it was addressed to me! How exciting! It was from my sister. Inside I found this…

A giant, gluten free care package. I was speechless. I know my sister loves me, but to take the time to do this for me when she has 3 month old twins in the house nearly brought me to tears. My sister is a great suppport in this whole food sensitivity thing. She has been traveling the road for a couple years now, and I knew that she would be my wealth of information. She filled the box with her favorite pasta and a few things that she can’t even eat. I am so excited to try it all. I had one of the bagels for breakfast this morning. It was pretty good. Not smooth like you would expect a bagel to be, but sastisfying. Do you see the brownie mix in the back? See? All is not lost. It will be Ok.

Thank you, sister. Your thoughtfulness encourages me. Thanks for being there for me. Love you!