I have a few minutes while the kids take their lunch break to make a note about goings on here at my home. Let’s do it simple style, shall we?

  • The College Board is still a giant pain in the butt. My son never recieved his PSAT scores and they refuse to deal with him or me.
  • We still don’t know if we are going to move or not. I patiently waited over the Christmas leave period. If it isn’t too difficult, I would care to know now.
  • I still don’t like Physics.
  • I have a new fondness for Statistics. Not because I like it, but because it is applicable.
  • I am singing in the church choir. Nope. I am not good, but the director doesn’t seem to mind. I stand on the end and sing quietly.
  • Still gluten free. Day 4. Not miserable yet.
  • Freckle Face is STILL in physical therapy.
  • Washington weather finally decided to make an appearance. It is wet and miserable. How about some snow? I would like some snow.

Look at that! A quick run down complete in a lunch break. Off to give the olders a timed write. They love them. Almost as much as I love peppers stuffed with stewed tomatoes. That is saying something.