In my last post I mentioned that I was thinking about trying a gluten free diet. For the record, the thought of this diet depresses me. I don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen inventing new ways to use xanthum gum. I try to keep my grocery budget as small as possible,  and a  plethora of gluten free foods will not help my cause.

To keep a long story very short, I have joint pain. It stinks, and I am desperate to try anything that allows me to still drive a car. 

Fortunately for me, my sister is already gluten/dairy/egg free. She is a great resource for me. She has the scoop. Actually, she has been trying to get me to try the gluten free thing for a long time, but I am stubborn. And I like donuts. And fresh rolls from the oven. (sigh) My sister has told me that I need to give this a heart felt try for at least a month, preferably two.

Today is the third day.

It hasn’t been too painful yet. I am kind of tired of all the gluteny snacks that come around Christmas. My girl made some delicious cupcakes yesterday (well, they looked delicious), and I wasn’t even tempted. So far I have only had to modify the recipes that I already use. That isn’t too bad. No one is complaining yet. I mean, really, could they tell that I used gluten free flour to cover the chicken last night? I doubt it. They could probably only tell that I overcooked it a bit. Tonight we are eating meatloaf. Just a quick adjustment in the oats and all will be well. Painless.

The real test is going to come at lunchtime. I am hoping that I can eat leftovers most days, but if I happen to have a very hungry boy the night before, I won’t have any. I am going to make myself some soups.  That should help.

I am going to try and blog about my journey a little bit. There are gobs and gobs of blogs that talk about gluten-free living. Good blogs. Blogs with beautiful recipes and pictures. I don’t plan to be one of those. I  want a place to talk about how I feel and how much I miss dipping bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

On a happy note, my cat is going grain free with me. Seriously. The diet food that he has been on is mostly grain based. It makes him grumpy and hungry. I went to the naturopath pet store. I can’t believe that I just wrote that, but I really went. We are trying some foods that are mostly protein based for him now. (Yay for free samples!) He seems more content. Cats are meat eaters after all. I can’t believe that I am doing this for a cat.  He is lucky he is a good cat.