My husband always makes the same resolution every year- not to make a resolution. He says that it is the easiest one to keep. He is right, but it isn’t any fun.

This year, however, we made a couple of them together.

1. No McDonalds. – This might be easy for many of you, but for us it will be difficult. We love McDonalds. Yeah, I said it. We love McDonalds. I especially love their coffee. Not the black coffee, but the fancy, 1000 calorie coffee. I like it better than Starbucks. We are giving it up because it is our budget buster. I think it will be harder for me than anyone else. We usually end up at McDonalds because I am tired and didn’t plan anything for dinner. My husband, being the gentleman that he is, just runs out and picks up something quick. Now, I am going to have to have some kind of plan. Maybe Subway?

2. Use more cash. – About 10 years ago, we were the tightest financially that we had ever been. To stay within our budget we instituted the envelope system and, as a result, did better than we had ever done before. After things got better, we slacked off and have had a pretty good time doing it too. We are doing fine financially, but we would like to save more and see where our money is going. I am not sure if we are going back to the envelope system again, but it is likely.

3. Institute portions of Flylady. – This one is all me, but I plan on forcing the kids to play too. I am going to focus on the 25 fling boogie. If we move this year, it would be nice to have a lot of the decluttering already done. I am going to do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is amazing how much junk one accumulates when you don’t move in 6 years.

4. Maybe start eating gluten free- This one I just don’t know. I have my reasons for wanting to try this. I just don’t want to do it. I love donuts and bread. Bread. Beautiful bread. Can I part with it? I just don’t know. My husband is trying to be supportive. I appreciate it. It is just that half of my menu is full of gluten. Giving it up will be very difficult for me to do. That is what makes this one a maybe.

2012 should prove to be a very exciting year for my family. We may move. We may not. My husband may retire after 22 years in the Navy. He may not. My oldest will turn 18 and vote in his first Presidential election. He will also be applying to colleges, and the full effects of our homeschool journey will be made known. My daughter can get her permit. Two teen drivers! Pray for me. Freckle Face will still be his lovable, snug able self. I will turn 40. Oh my gosh! I will turn 40! Yes, 2012 will be a very exciting year.