I just had to come here and let y’all know that I discovered the secret of homeschooling last night. It was revealed to me just before I fell into the deep, Tylenol PM induced sleep. It is so easy. I am positive that I have figured it out before. I just don’t know why it never seemed so clear. Well, you know, as clear as anything can be when you take Tylenol PM before bedtime.

The secret.

The secret is that you don’t have to find out what every other family is using in their little school at home. You just have to find someone else that is doing it like to you and get support from one another.

That is it. Reading and reading about what everyone else is doing causes mental grief and anguish. Not to mention self-doubt. I should know. I have experienced them all. More than once. Probably more than twice, but really, who is counting?

There you go. That is the secret. Educate your children well in a manner that suits you. Find someone else that is educating their children in the same manner. Call them crying when you need to and be an ear when they need one.

Thanks to all my ears out there. You know who you are.