Another week down.

I am not going to lie. My heart was not in it this week. We trudged through it without joy. Once again, all the pictures were taken by my girl. She loves taking pictures. I am just going to use hers from now on.

Math~Freckle Face took a test and worked on a few more lessons. The Night Owl took a test and did 3 lessons. He did very well. Math has seemed to click. We will see if that holds. My Girl took a test and did 3 lessons. She had a little bit of a rough road, but she will be OK. She is working hard this week learning real world math.

Latin~ Freckle Face completed Lesson 7 in LC 1. He is memorizing Adeste Fidelis. I was thinking how pretty it would be if I could convince some Sunday School kids to sing it at the Christmas Eve service. I wonder if there would be any interest? The Night Owl finished exercises up to 39 this week, aced his quiz and helped his sister. My Girl and I are working through interrogative pronouns. I think that is what they are called. Quis, quis, quid. Those ones. 

English~ Night Owl wrote a paper about parents. Should they be their child’s best friend or a disciplinarian? He said to me, “Mom, I feel a little hypocritical writing this paper, because I have tried all these tactics on you.  I think you should be a disciplinarian, but not really.” My Girl wrote a 5 paragraph essay on something that is ridiculous. She chose school. Should I take it personally? Nah. They are still reading The Scarlet Letter.  Freckle Face worked through a few lessons in Grammar and Week 12 of Writing With Ease 3.

History~ Freckle Face learned more about the Eerie Canal. The other two learned more about the American Colonies.

Science~ The Night Owl is working through Module 2 of Physics. He asked me in the car the other day, “Mom, what would be the velocity of my hand if I moved it backwards while sitting in a car that was moving at 40 mph?” How the heck would I know? “Well, would it be positive or negative?” Again. How the heck would I know? “Well, would I consider the velocity of the car in motion or would that not matter and just the movement of my hand?” *crickets* Freckle Face learned what chemicals make the colors in our fireworks and how glow sticks work. (Hydrogen peroxide and fluorescence. Who knew?)

Religion~ My Girl wrote a thick paragraph on the three types of spiritual aspiration. The Night Owl taught Sunday School and finished his study of the End Times. I need to find something for him that is challenging. Maybe Luther’s commentary on Galatians? That might be good. Freckle Face is studying Bible History.

 Logic~ They both did some. I think The Night Owl finished chapter two in Material Logic. Guess I should check that. My Girl should be through chapter two in Traditional Logic 1. I should check that too.


Next week will probably be a very light week. I am expecting to be an auntie again, and I want to see my new nieces. Homeschool problem of the week: The local high school decided to be a pain and wouldn’t let me sign up The Night Owl for the PSAT. After talking to a woman at co-op, I heard that a high school 45 minutes away would be happy to take him. I called. They said yes. We would love to include him. Great! So, now I have a location. This was the first time I have ever felt unloved as a homeschooler. Homeschooling is so popular that most people don’t even blink an eye at it anymore when I mention it. (However, I do try to avoid mentioning it in public as much as possible.) I am glad that there is a place for him. Now, we just cross our fingers that he does as well as I know he can.