This week was exhausting. I should get better after this. The first two weeks are the hardest, and I ask myself more often than not why I am even doing this. But, it gets better. I know that it does.

Math- Night Owl (my oldest son) completed Lessons 5-8 in Advanced Math. I can still tell him what he is doing wrong. I am very happy about this. I have to take my little victories where I can get them. My Girl finished through Lesson 6 and took a test in Alg. 2. She is doing pretty well. I am glad for her. Freckle Face finished Lesson 13-16 and took test 3. He is breezing through.

Latin- My Girl finished through lesson 256  in Henle 1. She is doing pretty well with the purpose clauses. It really makes a difference that this is my second time through and I actually know what I am doing. Having the Night Owl to help her doesn’t hurt either. Speaking of the Night Owl, he completed Lesson 3 in Henle 2. He is doing very well. Freckle Face took his Unit 1 test and started Lesson 6 in Latina Christiana 1. We are reviewing a lot and taking things slow.

English- Freckle Face finished Unit 1 in Rod and Staff 5. He hates it. I told him too bad. My Girl wrote her first essay of the year. Dad read it and gave it a B. It was all right. My Girl and Night Owl also read Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”. We discussed theme and setting and got a feel for Hawthorne’s writing. They will begin reading  “The Scarlet Letter” next week.

History- My Girl and the Night Owl are learning about early settlement in the United States. We are mostly reading. Freckle Face learned about Andrew Jackson at co-op. We also learned why Olympia is the capital of WA. Maybe I can find a day that we can visit the capital. That would be fun.

Science- Someone put me out of my misery. Oh, never mind. I did it myself. Night Owl and I worked through a bit of Chapter 2 in Giancoli’s Physics. I am done with that. My brain is kaput. We will be starting Apologia’s Physics next week. Maybe, just maybe I could do it if I wanted to spend 2 hours a day teaching myself physics using the internet and other books. Bleh. I don’t want to do that. I have enough blasted reading to do as it is. And I asked myself, “Self, does it matter if your son uses this very difficult physics book, or will he be Ok with a basic knowledge? Can’t he just take Physics in college?” I decided to save my sanity, and we switched books. Giancoli’s Physics is now decorating the floor of my garage.  My Girl  finished Module 1 in Apologia’s Biology. She took a sample of her cheek cells to look at under the microscope. I don’t think she was very impressed.  Freckle Face looked at  a couple of things under the microscope.

Logic- Well, if the kids did what they were supposed to do, My Girl should be half way through Lesson 2 in Traditional Logic,  and Night Owl should have finished Lesson 1 in Material Logic. I will be checking it this weekend. Maybe.

Freckle Face is also reading “Farmer Boy” to me. We ditched that last book, and started this one. I like it much better. His reading is going very well. We still have a few hiccups, but it is getting better. He also has to do a lesson of Spelling this week. I probably won’t bore you with that unless something exciting happens. 

On a side note, we were talking about the great scientist Louis Pasteur. I was telling my kids what a genius he was. How he  silenced the notion of spontaneous generation and came up with the brilliant idea of pasteurization. I explained a little bit about pasteurization. “Huh. I knew it was done to milk,” says My Girl, “I just thought it was called that because cows live in the pasture.”  Yeah. (sigh) No.