The first week of our school year is coming to a close. I would like to blog each week about our week. I hope that it will keep me motivated as the year goes on. It is easy to forget how much we really do accomplish.

Math~ The Junior completed lesson 1-3 in Advanced Math and took a PSAT practice test. My girs finished Lessons A-2 in Algebra 2. Freckle Face took Test 1 and 2 and completed Lessons 11 and 12.

Science~ The Junior finished Chapter 1 of Giancoli’s Physics. ( I want to crawl into the nearest dark cave. You can’t make me do a year of this.) My girl is half way through Module One of Apologia Biology and spent an afternoon looking at all of our slides under the microscope. Freckle Face learned what headcheese is.

Latin- Freckle Face finshed Review 1 in Latina Christiana 1. My girl did some exercises out of Henle Latin 1 on purpose clauses, and the oldest did Units 1 and 2 in Henle’s Latin 2.

Religion- My girl started a unit on Vocation using a Bible study written by my Pastor and Spirituality of the Cross. The Junior is doing a study on End Times. Freckle Face is memorizing the Second Article from Luther’s Small Catechism.

English-Freckle Face completed English 5 Lessons 1-4. My girl started writing a short essay on her trip to Minnesota. She also completed the first chapter of Traditional Logic 1. The Junior read Chapter 1 of Rhetoric and Writing and is writing a thoughtful response to one of the questions at the end of the chapter. He also finished the first chapter in Material Logic (he hates it).

History-Freckle Face studied the Eerie Canal at co-op. My older two read a chapter out of Abeka’s US History and about 20 pages from The Patriot’s Guide to US History. Both are writing an essay about why the English settlements were more sucessful than the French settlements. (I am going to have to revise our history after my son brought some things to my attention. I am pleased that he showed discernment in his reading, but I am not pleased that I am going to have to work harder.)

Reading~Freckle Face is reading “Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies” to me. Oh. Make. It. Stop. This book makes my ears hurt. I pick the next book.

We did some other stuff too. I don’t remember now. I see that these are going to be some awesome reviews, aren’t they? In truth, I am too lazy to get up and look at my planner. I am trying to remember it off the top of my head. Next week I will try to do better. Only 32 more weeks left. And yes, those are curly cheetos. Please don’t judge me.