I took over 100 pictures on our day trip to Mt. Rainier. I won’t show you all 100 of them. (I do try to be considerate, after all.) But I do want to show how quickly Mt. Rainier makes it own weather.  Mt. Rainier stands at over 14,000 feet and is the highest point in Washington state. I guess that gives it the right to make its own weather.

This was our first stop around 10 in the morning. We were excited because it was such a beautiful day and the mountain was clear.

This picture was taken in Longmire. Longmire was the site of a spa resort in the late 1800’s. Mr. Longmire advertised that the springs in this location provided healing and weary travelers would stop for a quick sip. Nasty! The springs don’t smell as some do, but they are heavy in natural minerals. I can’t imagine the water provided any healing. He was shut down in 1899 when Mt. Rainier was made the nation’s 5th National Park.

This picture is taken right before we are going to cross the river there on your right. We were going to hike to Carter Falls, and to get there we had to cross the river. On a log. With a very high railing. With my goofy 10 year old. I still have anxiety about the whole thing. He did great. I am still patting myself on the back for keeping my mouth shut and just letting him do it on his own.

This is following the hike and before we have to cross the river again. This is my favorite picture of the cloud formation over the mountain. It is taken about 90 minutes after the last one.

This is taken at Paradise. Four and a half hours after the first picture. There are beautiful blue skies everywhere but over the mountain. I wondered if there were any mountain climbers making their way up the mountain that day. It is most likely, and I am sure they didn’t appreciate the cloud cover.

This was taken 90 minutes after the last picture. The mountain is now completely engulfed in clouds that it made just for itself. We were a little disappointed that it was time to go home and couldn’t see the mountain anymore, but the surrounding area was still stunning. More on that later..