Awhile ago I was chatting with a few people on Twitter about wedding dresses. I decided I would post a picture of my dress on my anniversary weekend. My dress is so funny. It really was over the top. My mom picked this one because it had a cathedral length train. She wanted everyone to remember my dress and figured the lengthy train would do it. We were on a limited buget and could not afford the dress, so I rented it. I have never been sorry that I can’t cart my dress around to every duty station. I have never been sorry that it isn’t hanging up in my closet. Renting it turned out to be a fabulous idea. I did love many things about my dress. My veil fell all the way down my back to the floor. The beads were heavy on the bodice, and the high neck would hide the awful blushing I get when I am nervous. Looking back, I did love the dress. It made me feel beautiful just as a wedding dress ought to do.