I am writing this down quickly because I am afraid that I am going to forget it. It is hasty, and I don’t plan on checking for grammar.

I emailed my Pastor recently to ask his opinion about a couple of books for my son’s religion classes. He came up with the idea of teaching Sunday School because “you have to learn to teach”. His words. Great. I liked the idea. Then, I spoke with him a few days later and he came up with the idea of my son actually planning to teach a sunday school class with material that he had written first and then comparing with the material already written. I kind of smiled and said, “Great idea!” I was headed to Oregon and planning was at the bottom of my list.

It just dawned on me (Just now. Right this second. Which is why I am writing this now. Here.) what this would accomplish. I could have him take Bible stories, add some catechism, add some application and write a Sunday School study for approximately third or fourth grade. I know that he is capable of this. What a great idea my Pastor had. Do you know how much study this require? This would require knowledge and research. This would require him to apply what he has learned. It doesn’t have to be fabulous. It doesn’t have to be something that is used forever and ever, but it does have to be biblically accurate and applicable. This is great stuff.

I am so glad that my Pastor suggested this. He knows my son. He knows him well enough to know that it would be good for him. He was pretty excited about it, and he talked to my son about it. This means, of course, that my son is less than thrilled because, and I quote, “whenever an adult is excited about something, the teenager immediately loses all enthusiasm.” Oh, so true.

More on this later.