My husband and I took another trip to Cannon Beach. This was our third trip to Cannon Beach and the first time the time sun shone. It was a beautiful day. It was also low tide. On the spur of the moment we decided to walk out to Haystack Rock.

It didn’t look that far away. The sun was shining. We were swimming in the delight of being alone. A little walk on the beach would be fun and romantic. The beach is very deceiving. Haystack Rock is a mile away.

We eventually made it.


 It was worth the walk. (And believe me, I am still paying for that walk.)




The mussels make a little popping sound. If you stand next to them, it is like standing in a bowl of Rice Krispies. This was also the first time that we have been able to stand on the south side of the rock.

One more of the near by rocks on the south side.

As we were walking around the rock, the tide began to come in. A naturalist gave us the scoop on the deceptive nature of the tide around Haystack Rock. We were standing on 4ft of sand brought in by the ocean over the summer. As the tide comes in the water fills in around the rock forming a moat. Before you realize that the tide has come in, you are stranded on an island made by the ocean. I was wondering why so many “officials” were hovering around the rock. I thought it was just to keep people from climbing the rock and disturbing the birds, but it was more than that. My husband and I watched the water for a bit, and sure enough, where we had easily stepped over a tide pool only 15 minutes earlier was now wider and a foot deep.

The officials were there to slowly move us away from the dangerous situation I am sure we would have all found ourselves in. As the winter storms come, the ocean takes the sand back out to sea once again changing the landscape around the rock.


I am glad that we decided to visit the rock one more time.