Those were the words my oldest used after returning from his trip to youth convention where the kids were able to take some “college” classes and tour the campus of Bethany Lutheran College. I have mentioned before that this is the college that he wanted to attend. Now he has seen it. He told me his weekend there “sealed the deal.” He is going there.

My daughter also wants to attend there. Remember how I mentioned that she wanted to study weather? That has now changed. She wants to study broadcasting. I blame youth convention.

During youth convention, the college put on a “day as a college student”. The kids picked two classes that interested them. My son picked a math class and some kind of science fiction class. No surprises there. My daughter picked photography and broadcasting. She loved broadcasting. Loved it. She loved all of it. She loved being in front of the camera, and she loved being in the booth.

Here she is broadcasting the weather. I can tell she is happy. She told me, “Bethany has a broadcasting degree. I can just go there.”

It wouldn’t break my heart if both my kids attend Bethany. It is very homeschool friendly. It is small. It is Lutheran. I liked it there. I have no complaints.

I sat my Junior down yesterday so he could take a look at his planner. I talked to him about the challenging year he had ahead of him. He said that is fine. It will get him ready for college. Ok. Ok. He says that now, but I do think seeing the college made it real for him. He has something to look forward to. I am excited for him. The next two years are going to fly!