Freckle Face has been invited to sleep over at a friend’s house tonight. I love my son to pieces, but I am so thankful for the quiet right now. He has been talking non-stop for 4 days.

“What does it mean to be liberal?”

“Can I ask Grandpa? He likes politics. Doesn’t he?”

“Toby looooves me mom. Watch! Watch, mom. Mom? Are you watching? See? Toby loooves me. I don’t think you saw, Mom.”

“Can I go outside and play? (5 min pass) “I am back. Can I have an Otter Pop? It was really hot out there.” (didn’t reach 70 today)

“I am going to go play in my room. Mom! I am playing in my room!”

“How does the government know if you are a Republican or a Democrat?”

“Should I ask Grandpa that one too?”

“Can I have a snack?”

“Who shot John F. Kennedy? Why did he do it?”

“This is a great deal for a Nintendo 3DS. See, Mom. Look at this deal. With this game! Oh, wow!”

“Can I watch TV? Can I? Can I?” 

“No, Toby likes it when I carry him like this.”

“Do you see this, Mom? Look at me walk on my flat feet. Can I have a gmail account now?”

(the doorbell rings) “Hi, mom. Did you get the mail yet? Can I get it?”

(ding dong) “Hi, mom. I brought you the mail.”

(ding dong) “I am the UPS man! I have your box.” (ha ha. No, he didn’t.)

(ding dong) “I just saw the brown truck pass the road. I don’t think you are getting your package today.”

(ding dong. So help me.) “Hi, mom. Now I am just doing this because it is funny.”

I am so thankful that he has good friends that love to talk Pokemon and whatever it is he has on his mind for the minute. Even more thankful for the parents of good friends that love to have him over. It is so quiet here right now. I miss him already.