This month is the anniversary of the beginning of our toe-walking journey, or as I like to call it, when the doctors started paying attention. I had already been hearing “oh, he will grow out of it” and “some toddlers just like to walk on their toes” and “it doesn’t mean anything”. Then one day, when he was almost three, I noticed that I couldn’t get his feet bent enough to put his shoes on. I had him stand up to try to wiggle his toes in, and he couldn’t put his feet flat on the ground.  I made an appointment at the doctor’s office, and when they were weighing him he couldn’t stand on the scale. Now the pediatrician was concerned.

We began the journey at the children’s hospital, the doctors did some x-rays but told me he needed a MRI. We were moving in two months, so they told me to make sure to follow-up in our new state. By the time we had settled in and Tricare had approved a visit to the neurologist, he was 4. I remember the lecture I received from the neurologist. Why wasn’t he here sooner? What do you mean he isn’t in physical therapy? You are a lousy mother. OK, he didn’t say the last one, but that is how I felt.

Let’s fast forward now. 6 years. I can’t believe that we have been battling this for 6 years with no end in sight. The authorization for his new AFO’s came in the mail the other day. Today, I just scheduled his re-check with the physiatrist. You know, the one who said in 2 years I wouldn’t be thinking about this anymore?

Of course, on the bright side, toe-walking hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He does everything all the other kids do. Tight heel cords have even given him a bit of an edge in sprinting. He goes trailing with us and can walk the whole way. So it is all good. Just irritating. I just wish that we were done. Part of the burden does fall on him now that he is older. He knows what he is suppsoed to do everyday, but he doesn’t care that he toe walks. All of his friends know what he has gone through, and they don’t bother him about it. Some day maybe he will care, and maybe then we can move forward. Until then, we keep going. Little stinker. It is a good thing he is cute.