Today Freckle Face and I went to a friend’s house to swim in their pool. It was a small pool party with a few moms and a couple of dads. The weather finally cooperated, and it was great to get some Vitamin D. Freckle Face swims well enough that I don’t have to hover anymore. He doesn’t have to wear floaties. I just have to keep an eye on him every now and then to make sure that he isn’t breaking any of the rules of the pool. I sat in the sun for awhile and then in the shade. I chatted with a couple of other ladies there. I put my feet in the pool a bit, but you know what I didn’t have to do? I didn’t have get in the pool to swim with Freckle Face.

It. Was. Beautiful.

Every now and then I get this glimmer of freedom that I forget that I have. My mom confession for this week? I am so glad that my kids aren’t babies or toddlers anymore. I don’t even miss having a baby. I thought I would. I really thought that I would. But, I don’t.

Oh, I think babies are plenty sweet and wonderful. There was a little 2 month old baby at the pool today, and he was the sweetest thing. Making all his little baby noises. I didn’t have the urge to hold him. I was happy looking and smiling at him, but it doesn’t make me want a baby of my own anymore. I was even fine letting everyone else hold him. What does that make me? Does that make me a cranky lady? I hope not. I don’t want to be cranky.

My sister is having twins in a couple of months. I am so excited to see and hold her babies. My two new, little nieces. I am excited to meet them! But, I am glad that they are my nieces. I will love them and can’t wait to shower them with love, but it is good that it is my sister having them. She is the sweetest mother and loves babies and children so much.  

I think I made this my confession because I never thought I would feel this way. I thought that I would have the desire for a baby forever. I never thought that the desire would leave me. I remember telling my sister that I must be one of those women that will always want another baby, but I am not. It is surprising for me. I love where I am. I love my kids where they are. I love not hovering. I love this chapter. My kids were the cutest, best little babies on the planet, but I love this stage. I love getting text messages and getting picked on. I love embarassing them in public. I love telling them to find something to do. I love sending them to the store for me. I love this chapter. Love where you are. It doesn’t last forever.

P.S. Next week my mom confession will be how the teenage years are making me insane and can’t the aliens just return them already! These are not the cute, wonderful children that I remember. Why won’t they just do what I tell them to do? It was so much easier when they were two! (I am just saying.)