Let’s shift gears and move on to something a little more fun. Since “I have wide feet” is still the number one search engine term that brings people to blog, I thought I would talk about the shoes I have found since I wrote my orignal foot post.

First of all, I have finally accepted that my feet are wide. With that acceptance I have finally reconciled myself to spending a little more on my shoes than I would like. I am sorry, but if you have come here looking for a way to fit your feet in Target brand shoes, it isn’t going to happen. Maybe, just maybe if you are lucky, you can find some wide shoes at Payless, but they aren’t going to be cute and are going to kill your feet. Suck it up. Pay the money. It is worth it. Your feet will thank you. Shoving your feet into shoes that don’t fit  will only increase the likelyhood of bunions and other funky foot problems.

Sneakers, Tennis shoes, Walking Shoes (whatever you want to call them)- I have found New Balance in wide to be the most comfortable. Right now, I am wearing a pair of Nike running shoes that I found in wide, but I usually try for New Balance first. I mostly live in my tennis shoes. It isn’t that attractive and it makes me look unfashionable, but I come to terms with it. The people making comments in their head don’t have to live with my feet when they are 80. Remember, foot surgery is extremely painful (or so I have heard). My 85 year old neighbor had it done on one foot and refuses to have the other done. 

Flip Flops- Flip Flops are the best line of defense for those of us with wide feet, but they are awful for you knees and back.  You know those flip flops that are going on sale for $1 this weekend? Avoid those like the plague. Fine for walking around the pool. Not fine for walking around the fair. I do have a pair of flip flops that I wear. They are Skechers and I paid almost $30 for them. I know. I know. For flip flops, right? Well, I have had them 2 years now and they have held up very well. They have more support in the base and my entire foots fits comfortably on them. Just because you can slide your foot into the flip flop doesn’t mean they fit. Does your foot hang off the side? Not a good fit.

Sandals- I have recently discovered Born shoes. These are wonderful! I don’t even need to purchase them in wide. Yes, they are quite expensive, but remember if you get them to last 3 years, it eventually works out to the same price that you would pay for the cheap, Target sandals. They will look better as you wear them too. I found them at Marshalls for half the price, so look for them at the discount stores. They are padded in the sole and the leather feels good. Pretty much every pair of Borns that I tried on fit! Unheard of! Give them a try.

Dress shoes- I have had some luck with the Sofft brand. Their wide width isn’t as wide as I would like, but depending on the style, I can sometimes make them work. I have also been able to get by with the Lifestyle brand. This is one of the few brands that I can find locally at the Famous Footwear store. My black, dressy shoes are Lifestyle. I figure an hour a week for church or a ball is fine. I wouldn’t wear them to work in all day. I have not had any luck with Naturalizer or Aerosoles. I am not sure what they mean by wide, but it isn’t my kind of wide.  My favorite dress shoes are my Muranos. I LOVE my Munros. These are found locally at Nordstroms or other expensive shoe stores. I found mine at Nordstrom Rack for half the price. Worth every. Single. Penny. My favorite shoe right now. I have had them 2 years and they still look brand new.

There you go. A starting place. By all means see what else you can find, but these are what have worked for me. Online shoes has the best selection, but they aren’t cheap. If you don’t mind shopping around try the discount stores such as Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Best of luck! Have fun shopping!