We are mucking our way to the end of our school year. I would hang it all up right now if I could, but I can’t let the kids know that. They can smell my temptation to be done like fresh-baked chocolate chips cookies coming right out of the oven, and they know how to play it. If they knew how bad I wanted to let them go, we would have homeschool chaos. Fortunately, we are close.

The Sophomore has about 10 more lessons in his Saxon Algebra 2. He has really shown to me that he is good at math. It has been frustrating for him because he has come to the part in Algebra that I have to relearn. He asks me a question, and I tell him he has to give me 30 minutes. He doesn’t want to wait that long, so he figures it out on his own. It is better that way, anyway. Then, because I am smarticle, I make him teach it to me. He is still at the gloating stage and likes showing off to me. Once he figures out that I am using him, that may end, but for now, it works like a charm. He also has a couple of modules left in Apologia Chemistry. That is going pretty well too. He buckled down last module and studied hard. It got him an A on his test and he was quite proud of himself. He is a bit behind where I would like him to be in Latin. It looks like he may be working on that a bit over the summer. That thrills him to no end, I can assure you, but it is better anyway. He would forget so much. His English class is over with Mrs. B. He made an A in her class, but I am so uncool that I am making him read some of the Canterbury Tales anyway. He has been reading some of the works of C.S. Lewis lately. Right now he is reading  A Pilgrim’s Regress. I haven’t read this one. I am pretty sure that is why he chose it. He is going to be using the CLEP study guide for Western Civ. 1 to prepare him or the end of the year History final.  He has one more chapter in Traditional Logic 2. Not sure why he is dragging his feet on that. Looking back, I think that he had a pretty good school year.

My girl is doing just as well. After some Algebra 1 struggles, she seems to have overcome that hurdle and is doing much better. She still has about 15 lessons, but that is easy to get through to the end. She kicked butt and took no names in Physical Science this year. She used the Apologia text and she aced every module. She just amazed me. I never thought it would be my daughter that was the science person, but that is how it is turning out. It makes me so happy!  Not worried one bit about her starting High School science next year. She is reading To Kill A Mockingbird right now. It has been ages since I read that book. I don’t think she is going to like it. Her new favorite author is Juliet Marillier. I think she found her new genre.  In Latin, she is about to take the big unit test that gave her brother so much trouble. I know what to expect this go around, and she doesn’t mind studying so I think that she will be prepared. She is finishing up Story of the World 4. I won’t lie. History was not good for us this year. She likes textbooks, so I need to find one of those for her for next year. I think her favorite part of the school year was Yearbook at co-op. I was glad that she got to be a part of that. The yearbook turned out very nice too.

And Freckle Face. He had a good year. I think he made big strides in his reading. He still isn’t to the point that he is going to pick up a book on his own, but I won’t give up hope yet. He enjoys the stories, but his eyes still get tired quickly. Math is his thing. He is doing very well in Saxon 5/4. I think he learned long division faster than the other two. I only had to show him how to do it one time and it clicked. That was awesome. Fractions are less fun, but we will get them down next year. His science revolved around whatever particular experiment the others happened to be doing. History happened to be whatever documentary dad happened to be watching. I know. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world either. We have been working through Writing with Ease 3. It has been a good fit for him. I can already see some improvement. He is about to finish his Spelling. He is also about to finish Rod and Staff 4 Grammar. That was another good fit for him. The teaching style sticks for him. It isn’t too much work and he doesn’t even mind the diagramming. It has been a successful year for him. I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but my main goal was to improve his reading. His reading has improved. Score 1 for the home team!

I have been thinking lately about next year. I am letting my oldest choose more of his classes since he has decided not to dual-enroll.  I have mixed feelings about it, but he has to want it. I am in a bit of shock because my girl will also be in high school. I am not as nervous this time around, but I know I am on the fast train to crazy town. Keeping up with Freckle Face will always be fun. I know that I can relax with him. Benefits of being the youngest, I suppose.

Anyway, I can’t wait for summer and hope your school year has gone just as well!

(Freckle Face is sitting next to me singing “Her name is Tressa. She likes to test ya.” Where did that come from? hahaha)