I recently went to Georgia to visit a very good friend. It was a lovely trip. The sun shone on me the entire time. One day we decided to visit an old, historic cemetery. I know it is a little morbid, but I love walking through historic cemeteries. Tombstones were so much more elaborate 100 years ago then they are today.

There was one particular tombstone that moved me. I took a picture of it because I knew that I would never remember what was written on it.  My friend convinced me to stand next to it so that I would always remember it size. Good thing that it is so large that it makes me look skinnier than I am.

At the top, a young woman is resting her head on her hand. I don’t think she is sleeping. I think that she is dreaming. You can see the folds of her gown. Her hair is either braided around her head or she is wearing a wreath of flowers. It is a peaceful pose. What really drew me to the tombstone was the inscription.

I forgot to take a picture of her name, but she was the wife of Willam Barry. The inscription reads “she had beauty and wit without vanity or vice”. Doesn’t that make you sigh? It does me. She had wit. It makes me think that maybe she was smart and quick and was admired for that. Mid 1800’s? I think that is special. It gets better.

It reads “Of unblemished conduct in every relation of life. She was distinguised for the purity of her mind and the soundess of her judgement, her prudence and discretion. Steadfast in the faith of Christ she lived to illustrate his precepts.  Loving and beloved of all. ”

Do people even write of people like that anymore? It is so touching. Even if I choose to be skeptical and believe that it can’t be completely true, who cares? It is imprinted on her tombstone and has stood for over 100 years. I think it is beautiful.  I am going to believe that she was treasured, honored and loved.