My daughter was confirmed on Palm Sunday. She stood up in front of our congregation and answered several questions on the doctrine of our faith. Then, she professed her faith and was given full membership in our church. It was wonderful. She did a great job answering the questions and I nearly cried when she received her confirmation blessing. She then took her first communion on Maundy Thursday. Then, I did cry. This Sunday I will be taking communion with her. I am looking forward to it. Anyway, we just really want to see pictures, right?

The dress

Her gift from us.

With us. This was taken after it was all over. Can you see the relief all over her face? I can. Even though she had nothing to worry about. She was magnificent. ( I really liked this picture until I realized it looks as if the Paschal candle is growing from her head. Oh, well. Someday I will figure it all out. )