Here is Freckle Face. Can you see why I call him Freckle Face? So you understand, he loves that I call him Freckle Face. He is always asking me, “Aren’t I your little Freckle Face?” To which I reply, “Always and Forever”. Now that I think about it, he is usually trying to get out of trouble when he asks me that. It works too. Little Stinker.

The other day I was digging through an old drawer looking for pretty stationary so Freckle Face could write his cousins a letter. I didn’t find any, but I did find a copy of my first blog that I had at the Donna Young website. I flipped through it and found the entry about Freckle Face’s first physical therapy appointment. My friends, it was 5 years ago. 5 years! How did that happen? Where did all that time go? Lost in the abyss somewhere, I suppose. But now, Freckle Face has his victory. 5 months after surgery we will be ending our trips to the therapist. Freckle Face told me that he is getting his walking papers. In more ways than one, Freckle Face!

Then to make his victory even sweeter, he ran the shuttle run yesterday in Presidential time. Last year, he didn’t even qualify for participant and received nothing. This year a Presidential time. I wanted to cry. We all know how I feel about crying, but I wanted to do it all the same.  I am so proud of him. I want to make him a laurel wreath and place it on his head. Sweet victory for my triumphant Freckle Face.