Every day in our homeschool is a little different. No two days are alike. I don’t know if that is good or not, but it is the reality. Yesterday was just another one of those somewhat typical days. I thought it would be fun to show you what one of these days look like.

7:00- I am on my second cup of coffee, and I get everyone up.

8:00-Everyone has eaten, is dressed, and ready to go. We sing a hymn and watch Rev. Fisk’s Greek Tuesday broadcast.

8:30-Math. The Sophomore grabs his book and heads upstairs to his room. Kit Kat starts her math lesson, and I sit down with Freckle Face to go over his. While they are all working, I throw a load of laundry in, and try to make a couple of phone calls only to realize that my phone is not working. Call the phone company to learn that I am going to have to a tech come out, but they get my phone working enough for me to make the phone calls that I need to make.

9:30-I call a very good long-time friend to see if she wants to grab a coffee with me. I haven’t seen her in weeks, and I miss her. She can, and we make plans for me to pick her up in 30 minutes.

9:35- I run through Freckle Face’s English lesson with him and assign him a couple of worksheets to do while I am gone. I also assign him a page in his copywork book. He asks if I can write the sentence about penguins. Sure. Why not? I write, “Penguins live in the South Pole. The main food in their diet is fish.” What can I say? It was the best I could do with such short notice. The other two are still working on math.

10:00- I leave. Freckle Face has a work to do. Kit Kat has moved to Latin. I holler up the stairs for the oldest to get his work done while I am gone.

10:00-12:00-Coffee with my friend. I also managed to sneak a quick run to the bank. It was so good to chat with my friend.

12:00- I am home. Kids are nowhere to be found, but taco leftovers are spread all over the kitchen island. I bang on the wall (this is our standard method of communication. It doesn’t mean anything. They can just hear me better.)to get their attention and tell them to come down and put their lunch stuff away. I make myself some soup and check Twitter. I ask the kids what they have accomplished. Math and Latin. That is it? Yep. Oh, boy. I find out that Kit Kat’s afternoon class has been cancelled, so I cancel her flute lesson as well so that we can get some stuff done.

12:45-Sit down with Freckle Face for a narration. He whines and I tell him that he is going to lose his computer time if he keeps it up. I send The Sophomore to set up his Acid/Base titration lab and tell Kit Kat to write-up her science lab because she will be next.

1:00- Freckle Face and Kit Kat go upstairs so that Freckle Face can read to her, and I head to the kitchen to see how the lab is coming. It isn’t.

1:05- I dig some red cabbage that I didn’t know he needed out of a prepared salad bag and prepare some indicator. I tell my son to read the lab all the way through while we wait. Everything is ready and I pour some indicator into a beaker for him. He proceeds to dump all the base into the indicator.

1:30- I make some more indicator and tell him to read the lab again.

1:45- He calibrates his eye dropper and there is so much complaining that I am planning on investing in ear plugs before the next lab.

2:30- Lab is completed, but he realizes that his data is so far off that he must have done something wrong. I tell him that he gets to do it again.

2:35-I make more indicator. I am a pro at this now, but I am now out of purple cabbage leaves. He better get it right this time.

2:45-While we wait for the indicator to cool, I have him watch a documentary on the sack of Rome on YouTube.

3:00-He completes the lab again. This time he gets it right. I have him explain the lab to me only to realize that he has no idea what he has been doing or why he has been doing it. So, I explain it all to him because I can’t bear to send him back one more time to read it all again and have him try to explain it to me. I make a mental note to have him go over the module again tomorrow. I tell him to put everything away. I know that I have accumulated more grey hairs in this process. I get myself a Diet Pepsi as a reward for making it through.

3:30- I call for Kit Kat. She has been trying to take a nap. I wish that I could take a nap. I look at Kit Kat’s lab. She needs a hard-boiled egg. I guess she told me that. Never mind. We will do the lab tomorrow. I ask her if she finished her English. She wasn’t sure that I wanted her too. I take a big gulp of my Diet Pepsi and calmly reply that of course I did. We go over the answers. She did fine. She will take the test tomorrow. I ask her about Freckle Face’s reading. It was great. At this time The Sophomore has been correcting his Algebra, and I watch his frustration slowly build. I tell him not to stress about it and just make his corrections. He figures out all his mistakes and I tell him to put the books away.

4:00-I ask Kit Kat if she has finally finished her organization paper. She didn’t know that I wanted her to do that. I am starting to see a pattern and I remember that my planning for this week was kind of weak, but I refuse to take the blame for the paper not being finished. I tell her to finish it. I send Freckle Face to practice piano. He wants to practice with the headphones. This is code for “I don’t want to practice and don’t want you to hear me just bang on the piano.” I tell him that is fine. The Sophomore and I find a quiet place to cover annotation of his reading. We read a chapter out of “How to Read a Book” and talk about making a book his own. He has trouble with the idea of writing in a book and it takes me 15 minutes to convince him that the author doesn’t mind. Really.  I look over the annotations that he has already done and discuss how he can make them better. He goes to his room to finish his book.

4:30- Kit Kat wants to watch TV. Freckle Face wants to play computer. I have no idea what The Sophomore is doing, but I can guarantee that it isn’t his work. I start dinner.

5:30-Dinner is done. The husband has a late night at work, so the kids eat by themselves, and I eat in front of the Accuweather radar praying for some snow.

6:00-I tell the kids that if they empty the dishwasher I will clean the kitchen for them if they promise to go upstairs and leave me alone. They agree and I clean the kitchen in peace.

8:00- It is snowing everywhere but at my house. I am so sad. We watch The Middle together.

8:30- I go to bed. This is not typical, but I am tired and grouchy. It wasn’t an awful day, but if I survive homeschooling these teenagers, it will be only by God’s grace and nothing short of a miracle.