I was discussing my last post with my husband as we drove to Borders the other day. (Side note: I am so bummed that my local Borders is closing!) He asked me if that seminar wasn’t what I needed what is it that I do need? He wanted me to make a top 10 list. I didn’t think that I could come up with that many things, so he asked me to name the top thing that I need to homeschool well. It didn’t take me long to answer.


Support? What do I mean by that, he wanted to know.  Approval? Money? Co-0ps? Friends?

Yes. Although, I think there are different kinds of support. That confused him. He didn’t get it. Wasn’t I always looking for something for the kids?

You know. It does seem that I am always looking for the next thing for the kids. Am I so concerned about what the kids need that I am neglecting my own needs? I think that maybe I am.

My husband is very supportive to me in our little homeschool here. In the beginning of our adventure, he let me lead the way and pretty much stayed out of it. He was more than happy to let me go to the homeschool conventions by myself and loved going on field trips with the kids. As the kids have grown older, he has started helping me with their writing and the kick in the pants as needed.

I also have some good friends, local and not so local, that I know I can call when I am having a bad day. Friends who will listen to me vent and then tell me that it is going to be OK. Friends who tell me to take a day off when I need it. Friends who have the same issues as I do and are real. We all know our kids aren’t perfect. We all know that we aren’t perfect. It is so nice to know that they are there. Homeschooling can be lonely for me sometimes. I get stuck in a rut and can’t climb out. I sometimes feel that there are people who are waiting for me to fail because they believe that homeschooling is inferior. I have good friends that while they don’t have a problem with homeschooling also don’t understand the emotional toll that comes with it.  That is why I need my good homeschooling friends.

So when I say I need support, that is the kind of support that I need. Co-ops and support groups have been very good for us. They just seem to be more for my kids than for me. While I vented heavily about the seminar, maybe it is just that I don’t need that kind of support anymore. I am sure that there were some that loved it. I think I am just ready for something else. More coffee time with friends perhaps. What is it that you need to homeschool?