I haven’t read much this past month. I wanted to. I checked out all kinds of books from the library, but my brain is just mush by the end of the day. The last thing I feel like doing is concentrating on a book. I have even been weaning myself off Facebook to try and read more, but it isn’t working yet. I have been playing more piano so it isn’t all bad. Well, let’s get to my very short list, shall we?

The Countess and the King is a book about the Countess of Dorchester and King James II. It was nice to read a historical fiction that wasn’t about Henry VIII. My knowledge of English history comes mostly from the historical fiction that I read. I don’t know very much about King James II, so I can’t say if this author was on the up and up, but I enjoyed the story. It isn’t a fast read, and it took me awhile to get all the characters straight. I found myself backing up and saying “now, who was that again?”. I think it may be because my brain is mush.

This was the surprise read of the month. Our house has been on a Harry Potter kick since Kit Kat and Freckle Face started reading them. The Sophomore was thrilled. He has only been after Kit Kat for years to read them. She read all of them in 2 weeks. Anyway, I picked this up to go with the theme at our house. If you want to do some thinking about Harry Potter, pick this one up. Don’t read it unless you have read all the books (or seen the movies, but the books would be better). Granger (not Hermione) compares Harry Potter to classic fiction. What did J.K. Rowling read? After which books does she model the Harry Potter series? Good stuff in here. I plan on using it for The Sophomore’s English class. I think it will be a good introduction into how to think about what you are reading.

Johann Sebastian Bach. I can’t play much of his music though I would love to, and I didn’t know much about other than what you get from those little biographies you read to your kids. This book is also about Fredrick the Great. Two histories collide. I am not quite finished with this one because it is a tough read and some of it is over my head, but I have really enjoyed what I have caught. I have learned more about Bach and the history of his time. How the composers of his time viewed their music. Add in the history of Fredrick and it is like reading two histories in one. Good stuff. Hopefully, I will finish it soon. Oh, and I have been to the Hohenzollern which makes it more personal for me.

 I am using this book with Freckle Face for his narration exercises. I love the illustrations of Gyo Fujikawa. I don’t have much to say about this. What can I say about fairy tales and fables that you don’t already know? If you are looking for some stories for narrations for your elementary kids or just some bed time stories, this is a good one.

There you go. See? I told you that I wasn’t reading much.I read some Us magazine while I was having my hair colored. Always good to catch up on the gossip of the stars.  Hopefully next month things will pick up a little bit. What are you reading?