Did you know that you should not hold your steering wheel at the 10 and 2 position? How many here were taught that you should hold your steering wheel at 10 and 2? Yes, raise your hand. Me too! So, while driving The Sophomore around, I told him where his hands should go and blah, blah, blah. The next time I took him driving, after he had a class, he tells me that you aren’t supposed to hold your hands at 10 and 2. It is safer to hold them at 9 and 3. Even better if you hold them at 8 and 4. This is because of the air bag. If the air bag were to deploy and your hands are at 10 and 2, it is possible that the air bag would break your wrists. Nice, huh? I learn something new every day. In our defense, there were no air bags when we were learning to drive, so I didn’t let The Sophomore gloat for too long.

Freckle Face recently had a physical therapy appointment. I use this time to sit in a coffee shop and catch up on my media reading. The physical therapist keeps Newsweek and Time in his office. It makes for some great entertainment and my eyes get a work out from all the rolling they do while I read it. It was surprising when the eye rolling came from Sunset. Usually I find some great recipes in there, but this time they focused on a family that only throws a handful of trash away a year. A handful! I start reading and am impressed by the minimalist thing they have going on. I was sad that the kids aren’t allowed to own any books. How can a person not have any books in the house? Then, it started to get funny. It isn’t that they don’t have any trash. They just make sure that other people are responsible for throwing it away for them. For example, they rent from Netflix. You know that little strip of paper that you have to pull off to seal the envelope? Well, she stuffs it in the envelope and sends it back to Netflix. Yeah. My eyes are rolling just thinking about it.

I love coffee. I drink entirely too much coffee. It is just so good. I overheard an older man in the coffee shop calling it the secret of life. I had to smile at that. Then he goes on to say, “Yep. I have been drinking it all my life, but I still haven’t found the secret. Guess I will just have to keep drinking it until I find it.” That is what I am talking about.